So, We’re Still Not Going To Talk About Obesity & Personal Health?

Politicians have pushed every form of coercion and state power they could think of, while ignoring how obesity is playing such a significant role in the health struggles our society faces. Meanwhile, fitness-focused people like Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers get treated as if they are no different from our increasingly sick & unhealthy population.

Watching the response to Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers getting covid and being unvaccinated has been quite interesting.

Rodgers, who says he has consulted with Joe Rogan on how to deal with covid, has been slammed by many in the establishment press and social media.

Many are calling Rodgers ignorant, or an ‘anti-vaxxer,’ and holding him up for ridicule.

Rogan was criticized by many people in much the same way, with networks like CNN repeatedly claiming he was taking ‘horse paste,’ despite actually taking ivermectin that was prescribed to him by a doctor.

Now, it’s not surprising that the establishment press and segments of the public have criticized Rogan and Rodgers. Many people now simply go along with whatever the media says, and – in Pavlovian fashion – are quick to jump on whoever seems to be the media targets. Many also seem angry when someone who is unvaccinated seems to easily manage covid, as if all of us are supposed to make the exact same choices.

But what has surprised me is how everyone is ignoring the real elephant in the room:

Both Rodgers and Rogan seem completely healthy, far healthier than the average person.

Rogan felt ill for a short time, and then after applying multiple treatments quickly tested negative for covid, and was back in good health.

Rodgers appears to also be doing quite well, having participated in a 45-minute podcast where he shared his thoughts (link included below):

Both Rogan and Rodgers – especially Rodgers as a professional athlete – take their health very seriously, and are among the healthiest people in the world at their respective ages.

In an increasingly sick and obese society, people like Rogan and Rodgers stand out.

The same goes for other professional athletes.

Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson has had covid twice, and remains unvaccinated.

Considering that Lamar Jackson continues to play at a high level, and his team has a 5-2 record, it would seem he is doing quite well.

And this is no surprise. Lamar Jackson is a lean 24-year-old professional athlete who is considered one of the most physically gifted players of all time. It makes sense that he would be relatively unscathed by a virus, given his age and level of physical fitness.

Rodgers is older, but is also in far better shape than the average person, and Rogan is older still, but also in far better shape than the average person of his age group.

The point of mentioning all of this is how absurd it is that politicians and public officials are completely ignoring the fact that every person is different, and that different choices make sense for different people.

If someone is obese, their risk of negative covid outcomes is far higher than someone who is in better shape, on average.

This has been acknowledged by the US CDC (article from March 8, 2021):

“An overwhelming majority of people who have been hospitalized, needed a ventilator or died from Covid-19 have been overweight or obese, the CDC said in a new study Monday.

Among 148,494 adults who received a Covid-19 diagnosis during an emergency department or inpatient visit at 238 U.S. hospitals from March to December, 71,491 were hospitalized. Of those who were admitted, 27.8% were overweight and 50.2% were obese, according to the CDC report. Overweight is defined as having a body mass index of 25 or more, while obesity is defined as having a BMI of 30 or more.

The agency found the risk for hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths was lowest among individuals with BMIs under 25. The risk of severe illness “sharply increased,” however, as BMIs rose, particularly among people 65 and older, the agency said.”

This is why it is so crazy to see people ripping into Rodgers and Rogan. Many of those people couldn’t do a fraction of what Rogan & Rodgers could physically, yet they somehow feel justified in lecturing them about their personal health decisions?

And why have our leaders – who have been willing to interfere in every other aspect of our lives and talk about everything else – refused to talk about obesity?

We have seen the significant vulnerability that is caused by a country having such a large population of people who are in poor physical shape. It is economically damaging, and increases the strain on our healthcare system.

You would think, especially given how they constantly claim to be all about ‘saving lives,’ that our politicians and public officials would make obesity a big issue to tackle.

And, it would be easy to make some progress here. Tax credits or tax exemptions for exercise equipment, deciding to have kept gyms open instead of repeatedly closing them in the past, running public awareness campaigns on the danger of obesity, making healthy food more affordable, and – most importantly – dramatically increasing physical education in schools to help young people build healthy habits from the start.

But we don’t see that happening, and we can only conclude that those in power want our population to be unhealthy.

A physically unhealthy population is easier to control, as people have less energy to push back against the government, and are more dependent on government support.

More than anything, statist politicians fear a physically and mentally strong population, because such a population won’t need the government much at all.

So, the government wants to keep people in a ‘perfect equilibrium’ point where we are healthy enough to work and be taxed, but not do much else.

They also want to foster a dependent mindset, which is why during the past year and a half they have hyped up everything that requires government action and coercion, while ignoring things people could do on their own to lower their level of risk and improve our health.

For this reason, one of the greatest acts of resistance against increased government control is for each of us to become as strong and healthy as we possibly can, gaining independence over our physical and mental environment.

Spencer Fernando

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