Are Canadians Waking Up?

Those who did everything the government told them in order to ‘get back’ their freedoms are now watching the entire thing be reset to the beginning. Will that be enough for people to finally reject the authority of the failed politicians and corrupt governments?

Will Canadians ever have enough?

That’s the question lots of us have been asking as many Canadians continue to go along submissively with the endless restrictions of our failed leadership class.

But now, are things beginning to change?

While much of the populace remains content to go along with whatever latest restrictions are offered, it would seem a growing number of people are waking up:

“A majority of Canadians say they’re still in support of another lockdown to stop the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, a new poll has found.

But despite more than 55 per cent of Canadians showing such support for renewed public health measures, the poll’s results — done by Ipsos exclusively for Global News — also show that the same support is dwindling.

Previous polling done by Ipsos showed that in July 2021, nearly seven out of 10 Canadians said they would support more lockdown measures amid a fourth wave of the pandemic, which dropped to 63 per cent in September and now sits at just 56 per cent as an Omicron-driven wave begins to rise across the country.”

Also, it would seem that anecdotal evidence backs up this shift in public opinion.

While pro-lockdown voices once seemed to predominate, there is now far more pushback on social media posts about lockdowns and restrictions. Whether it’s official news organizations on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, or growing support for those who oppose government restrictions on freedom, the strongest voices are now those who have turned against the dictates of our corrupt governments.

Oops, you were so close to getting your freedom back!

Like dangling a carrot in front of a mule, our ‘freedoms’ have been taken away, and then offered to be ‘given back’ if we do what the government says.

Many people believed this, and complied with every dictate.

When they got their vaccine cards, they surely felt that things were ‘getting back to normal,’ and they had ‘done the right’ thing.

Many even got ‘boosted’.

But, many of those who got two doses are starting to realize that they likely won’t be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ for long.

They will soon enter the ranks of the ‘unvaccinated’ in the eyes of the government.

That will be a bitter pill for many to swallow, since a disturbingly large number of Canadians have seemingly built their personal identity around being ‘vaccinated,’ and seeing themselves as ‘better’ than the unvaccinated.

A change in what it means to be ‘fully vaccinated’ will thus result in a painful loss of status for many Canadians.

Perhaps this will generate some empathy among those who had demonized the ‘unvaxxed’, and will help people realize that the government divides us to enhance their own power.

“Vaccination isn’t enough”

Meanwhile, it turns out that even those who got ‘boosted’ are being told that it isn’t enough.

In Quebec – and likely other provinces with ‘leaders’ who cave every time – people could once again be subjected to curfews:

“COVID-19 vaccination is no longer enough to prevent Quebec’s health system from becoming overwhelmed, and Quebecers must reduce their contacts by half, Premier Francois Legault said Thursday.”

“Starting Monday, all bars, restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues across the province will be required to operate at 50 per cent capacity. Churches and other faith venues will also be forced to operate at half capacity, and worshippers will be required to show proof of vaccination to enter.

Work parties will be banned, as will dancing and singing karaoke inside bars, clubs and restaurants. The premier also reversed a decision to ease indoor private gathering limits ahead of the holidays, keeping the maximum at 10 people instead of raising it to 20 on Dec. 23.”

“Asked if Quebecers would find themselves under a curfew again this winter — the last curfew was in effect from January to May — Legault refused to rule it out.”

Indeed, just as I wrote this, the Ford government announced similar measures:

“The Ford government will announce measures to restrict indoor social gatherings to just 10 people and reimpose 50% capacity limits to indoor settings such as retail, bars, restaurants and gyms.

The move comes two days after they announced that sports venues, concert halls and other large gathering spaces would be restricted to 50% limits as well.”

And when it comes to Ontario, the government there has moved the goalposts yet again in quite an obvious fashion. Previously, health minister Christine Elliott said “thanks to the protection offered by vaccines, growing case counts will not have the same meaning as before.”

Yet, the Ontario government is now using the prospective rise in cases as ‘justification’ for further restrictions:

Strip politicians of their authority

As the rampant hypocrisy and total incompetence of our ‘leaders’ becomes further and further revealed, the reality is that we must strip politicians of much of their power.

They should not have the power to order lockdowns and restrictions.

They should not have the power to shut down businesses or impose curfews.

And, given that the politicians clearly cannot manage the healthcare system, and given that the system has proven to be based upon an unsustainable socialist model, we need to introduce free market incentives into our healthcare system.

Adult Canadians should be treated as such, not as a bunch of fragile people who need the control and protection of politicians.

All of this will require a massive shift in how Canadians think about our country, given that many people in this nation seem content with mediocrity and submissiveness.

But now, with more and more people realizing that our governments are simultaneously power-hungry and completely incompetent, more and more Canadians should be willing to acknowledge that our country needs massive changes, and must be a place where individual rights, freedoms, and an innovative attitude are paramount, rather than giving away all of our power to those who don’t deserve it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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