Take Responsibility For Your Own Life

If you’re an adult, expecting the government to protect you from getting sick at all costs is an abandonment of your own personal responsibility.

At this point, it is important to stop mincing words.

People need to grow up.

At this moment, there are millions of adults in this country, and around the world, who are willing to give up most of their rights and freedoms in order to feel ‘safe’.

In doing so, they are accepting a role in which the government is their parent, and they are like a child, waiting for guidance and direction.

As a result, they have allowed politicians to seize immense power.

Because of the boil-the-frog nature of how government power has expanded, many seem oblivious to how much freedom has been taken away.

They now accept as ‘normal’ a situation in which the government can shut down businesses at a whim, decree how many people can be in either a public or private setting, and even impose curfews.

Governments have also slowly but surely restricted the rights of those who make the choice not to get vaccinated, imposing vaccine passports and travel restrictions that have turned us into a ‘show me your papers’ society.

And along the way, this has been cheered on by many, who have allowed fear to turn them into submissive people willing to do whatever someone with authority tells them.

Where has personal responsibility gone?

Those who have given the government near-total authority over their lives have chosen to abandon a key aspect of being an adult:

Personal responsibility.

A child waits for an adult to tell them if they can go to a friends house, or if they can go to the store.

And adult decides to do those things on their own initiative.

Unless an adult has severely violated the law by committing a heinous crime and has thus been jailed, adults in a ‘free society’ are supposed to be able to freely travel within their country, and make their own choices about who they gather with, how many they gather with, and where and when they gather.

With that in mind, we can see how jail strips people of their adult status. You go where you are told, when you are told, and you are severely restricted.

Unfortunately, this means that our broader society is increasingly resembling a prison, with more and more people – willingly and unwillingly – being stripped of their adult status.

It’s the first group, those willingly giving up their adult status who are most concerning.

Many have completely abandoned the idea of personal responsibility, to an extent that had previously seemed unthinkable.

They truly seem to believe that it is the job of the government to protect them from any possibility of them catching covid, to the complete exclusion of any other sort of society priorities.

Now, as I’ve said before, this is not to pretend that covid hasn’t taken a toll.

Covid is neither a world-ending disaster, nor is it nothing.

Yet, we must have perspective.

The vast, overwhelming majority of people who catch covid survive.

To completely overturn our society in perpetuity, to abandon our personal responsibility, to crush our economy, and to screw up the mental health of younger generations is a completely disproportionate response.

Your health and your responsibility

What makes the current situation so absurd is that up until covid hit, our society had a completely hands-off approach to personal health. More than that, much of our media and entertainment establishment was in the process of attempting to normalize and praise extremely unhealthy people.

‘Healthy at any size’ and the ‘fat acceptance’ movement were all about completely ignoring the facts about personal health, and imposing a politically correct way of thinking.

Amazingly, despite the link between covid outcomes and obesity, there has been almost zero discussion of this by governments, or by our broader society.

This gets to a deeper problem.

Many people would rather demonize and blame others than take responsibility for themselves.

You would think that over the past two years we would have seen a societal revolution in personal fitness, with massive weight-loss and a huge commitment to getting healthy.

But that hasn’t happened.

Instead, many people have remained unhealthy, and have instead chosen to put their energy into demanding more and more restrictions, and demonizing anyone who choses not to get vaccinated.

Not only have many people chosen to trust their fate to the government, but they have taken zero steps to improve their own resilience.

A broken society

Beyond covid, we can see this abandonment of personal responsibility throughout our society.

From politicians and central bankers feeding endlessly growing debt rather than actual productivity growth, to governments and ‘woke’ institutions demanding restrictions on social media and free speech to ‘protect people’ from having their feelings hurt, we have turned our entire society into one big ‘safe space’ where freedom is erased in favour of an ephemeral sense of ‘safety.’

Remembering the role of adults

Having been pushed over and over again, it does appears some Canadians are starting to wake up. The patronizing tone from health officials. The endless moving of the goalposts. The ‘conspiracy theories’ that quickly become policy. The changing definition of ‘fully vaccinated.’ Restrictions that always appear before major holidays like Christmas. The failure to improve the healthcare system. Politicians breaking the rules they impose on the rest of us. The endless fear-mongering.

All of this seems to be waking some Canadians up to the fact that the government has treated us like a bunch of naïve children, telling one lie after another to gain compliance.

And, while many continue to go along with the politicians and continue to abandon their personal responsibility, more Canadians may be realizing that a key part of being an adult is accepting that we have the power to make our own choices and face the consequences, and it’s not the job of the government to constantly ‘protect everyone’ or protect us from ourselves.’


Government must recede and step back. Individuals willing to take responsibility for their own lives must step forward.

Spencer Fernando


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