Canada Is On The Path To Being A Fear-Based Society Totally Dependent On Government

A nation of mediocrity and an obsession with ‘safety’ at all costs is the future that lies ahead for Canada unless we change course.

With much of Canada being plunged back into restrictions and lockdowns – even as more and more of the public begins to question our ‘esteemed leaders’ – it is becoming clear that this country is increasingly based upon fear and is willing to be dependent upon government to a shocking degree.

Consider that the ostensible reason for further lockdowns and restrictions is the Omicron variant which will supposedly overwhelm the socialized healthcare system.

The system is run by the same politicians and public officials who claim that the system is fragile and easily broken, and who use that as the pretext to once again infringe upon our freedoms.

Their failure to adequately manage the massive amount of tax dollars that goes into the system, combined with a willingness to manipulate the public has further entrenched a sense of fear in much of the Canadian populace, and that fear has been exploited to the hilt.

This manipulation has reached such a high level that even some politicians are pushing back:

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown speaks out

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown has pointed out that the ICU capacity in Brampton remains strong, and noted that the focus simply on case counts doesn’t make sense.

Additionally, Brown talked about how many are being listed as ‘admitted with covid’ while actually having come to the hospital for other reasons:

“We need to focus on the severity of #Omicron cases & not just case counts.

The hospital capacity at #Brampton Civic is strong. We are down to only 2 in ICU and only 20 in the hospital with #COVID19.

There is reason for cautious optimism and hopefully better days ahead in 2022!”

“Further, it needs to be noted that over the past week, more than 50% of #COVID19 positive patients at @OslerHealth were admitted due to the virus or respiratory illness, while the remainder came to the hospital for other reasons but were also admitted with COVID-19.”

As Anthony Furey reported, the situation on the ground is actually better than what is being shown to the public:

“Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown is now looking to draw attention to this under-reported issue, which is only getting bigger. “I’ve been told it’s about 50% of cases,” Brown said in a phone interview with the Sun , referring specifically to Brampton hospitals.

This means the actual number of people in hospital with COVID-19 throughout Ontario may be half of what the official numbers indicate.

“It speaks to the fact that the hospitalization numbers are better than we think they are,” Brown said, echoing comments he made at a televised press conference Tuesday morning.

“If you’re looking at case counts higher than we’ve ever seen before but hospitalizations that haven’t really budged, that’s a really powerful insight into what we’re dealing with.”

Brown said in Brampton, the hospital and ICU numbers are actually slightly declining. “That’s a very encouraging trend,” Brown said. “You turn on the news and see doom and gloom, and that’s not what I’m seeing.””

Statists exploit fear

It’s amazing to see a politician in Canada actually talk about optimism and push back on the fear narrative.

In most cases, statist politicians in this country have tried to gin up as much fear as they possibly can.

For example, you can see how governments report the scariest numbers, while leaving context out.

When cases are high, they talk about cases.

When deaths are high, they talk about deaths.

When ICU capacity is low, they say the healthcare system is overwhelmed.

When ICU capacity is high, they say the system ‘could be overwhelmed.’

Meanwhile, positive indicators, like the substantial decoupling of cases and deaths with Omicron go undiscussed by those in power.

Official Opposition & Establishment Media go missing

In many countries around the world, there has been growing pushback at all levels against the imposition of lockdowns and restrictions. In many countries, there are real debates and real discussions going on about the response to virus and restrictions on freedom.

But here in Canada, both the official opposition and the establishment media have gone missing on the issue.

The opposition is clearly split between those who want to actually speak out in defense of individual rights and limited government, and a party leadership that is scared, tentative, and prefers to deepen the narrative of ‘safety at all costs’ and further dependence on the state.

The establishment press has completely abdicated the role of holding government accountable, and instead has zealously gone after anyone who ‘dares’ to question the official narrative.

Thus, many Canadians have only seen a dangerously one-sided view of things, a side that demands ever-tightening restrictions, disdains freedom, and allows fear to override everything else.

Indeed, the only reason that more people are starting to belatedly wake up to what is really happening is because of independent media and those who have the strength and courage to share the truth, even the in the face of all the establishment media/government propaganda.

Total dependence on government

As a result, this country moves more and more towards being a society that is totally dependent on government.

Consider the many businesses in Canada that are again facing restrictions.

They did everything the government asked, and they are yet again being screwed over.

Business that manage to survive are often only doing so based on government bailouts, meaning a large portion of our economy is propped up by the Bank of Canada printing money, and the government giving that money to businesses where actual economic activity is severely limited.

Obviously, that is disastrous, as it represents the slow-motion destruction of any kind of real economy, replacing it with one in which devalued fiat currency is thrown all over the place.

Unsurprisingly, our economy is increasingly ‘fake,’ as in ‘growth’ isn’t real growth in productivity, but is growth in population and in the money supply, while per capita GDP weakens.

Those in power don’t mind this at all, since they want a weaker economy to ‘save the planet’ and they want inflation to deepen the dependence of Canadians on the government.

Using fear to silence dissent

It is well known that fear tends to push people to look for a powerful authority to follow, and for scapegoats to punish.

Hence the rhetoric of the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’, despite that line not actually having a connection with reality.

Governments and statist politicians have realized that they can simultaneously spread fear by emphasizing worst case scenarios, while scapegoating unvaccinated individuals to redirect anger away from the state.

How will this end up?

If Canada continues on this path of giving in to fear and being dependent on government, our country will fall further and further behind.

While places like Florida and Texas continue to attract the most innovate and creative thinkers in the world due to their embrace of economic freedom and resistance to lockdowns, and countries like El Salvador seek to take the lead in the adoption of Bitcoin by nation-states, there is a spirit of innovation and courage that this country appears to lack.

You also see that the free exchange of ideas is at risk in Canada, with many Canadians wanting free-thinkers to be suppressed, and our statist authoritarian governments driving away those who question authority. The latest example is Joe Rogan cancelling a show in Vancouver due to that jurisdictions vaccine mandates, with some Canadians sadly cheering the cancellation, not realizing that we all lose when different perspectives aren’t heard.

There is tremendous potential still in the world, with new technologies and new ways of thinking bringing the opportunity for a brighter future. But Canada won’t be able to seize that future unless we change course and reject those who would lock us into a fear-based dependence on the state.

Individual freedom, innovation, free-thinking, and a resistance to fear must guide Canada forward if we are to avoid squandering everything.

Spencer Fernando


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