Canadians Must Reject Trudeau’s Manipulative ‘Scapegoat Strategy’

As government policies continue to wreck the economy and put supply chains at risk, Trudeau is seeking to manipulate Canadians into blaming selected scapegoats. We must not fall for it.

With the Liberal government moving ahead with the vaccine mandate for truckers, it got me thinking about whether there was something even more disturbing happening.

Previously, I wrote about how the mandate would cause severe economic damage, and that the Liberals were likely to use the anger caused by broken supply chains to direct even more anger towards unvaccinated individuals and give Trudeau a pretext to accumulate even more power:

“When we start to see further price increases, when there are more shortages, when public anger rises, Trudeau and the Liberals will seek to blame unvaccinated truckers, and unvaccinated people in general, for the damage that was actually caused by Trudeau and the Liberal government.

Then, once public anger has been redirected, Trudeau and the Liberals will push for more government power. In addition to blaming unvaccinated people, they will also blame higher prices and shortages on ‘greedy companies’ supposedly ‘gouging’ consumers, laying the groundwork for more statist intervention in the market.”

With that in mind, what if the Trudeau government and other statist politicians really plan to go further with this?

What if these deliberately destructive policies – and the clear attempt to create scapegoats – is meant to distract not only from inflation and supply chain problems, but from the consequences of years of horrendous economic policies?

Consider this recent story by Blacklock’s Reporter:

“Carbon taxes may slow economic growth for decades, says a Bank of Canada report. The outlook follows a Budget Office forecast that taxing fuel to lower emissions would cut workers’ net income: ‘Canada has unique needs as a vast northern country for heating and transportation.’”

If you read the list below of things the Trudeau government has done to the economy, it’s hard to see it as anything other than a deliberate attempt to wreck the country:

Imposing a carbon tax.

Raising fuel prices.

Raising energy prices.

Restricting the energy sector.

Printing massive amounts of money thus debasing the currency & distorting the economy, which has played a key role in further inflating the housing bubble.

Giving people long-term payments to not work.

Letting sensitive sectors of our economy – linked to resource security and national security – be bought up by China.

Imposing a vaccine mandate on truckers that will worsen already troubled supply chains and cause further price increases.

Those policies look like what you would do if you had just conquered a territory and wanted to bleed it of wealth.

Add on to this bleeding of Canada’s wealth, the Trudeau government pushes for very high immigration levels, meaning a larger and large number of people are ‘sharing’ a stagnant pool of wealth.

As a result, it’s no surprise that Canada’s per capita GDP is declining, making Canadians poorer and poorer.

Trudeau’s scapegoat agenda

What am I getting at here?

Well, if the Trudeau government knows – and the few advisories with any connection to economic reality certainly do – that their policies have wrecked Canada’s economy, then they will be desperate to find a scapegoat for all of it.

And, since much of the population is already primed to blame unvaccinated people for the consequences of government actions, and since many assume that any economic problem that takes place is now due only to covid, the Trudeau government likely feels they can ramp up the fear and hysteria and avoid blame when more and more Canadians feel the brunt of our awful economy.

It’s the same thing that has happened in Quebec.

There, the government started to face a growing backlash for Bill 21, as more are pushing back against scapegoating religious minorities. So, the Quebec government went and looked for a new scapegoat, and brought in harsher and harsher restrictions and proposed a tax on unvaccinated individuals in the province.

Manipulating the nation

True leaders take responsibility, and seek to appeal to what people have in common.

True leaders also tend to achieve good results, and can promote their accomplishments.

Failed leaders blame others.

Failed leaders also tend to achieve bad results, and thus must find scapegoats for their lack of accomplishments.

It’s quite obvious which category Justin Trudeau – and the provincial leaders who are also scapegoating members of the public – falls into.

Justin Trudeau’s political & government strategy now appears to be grabbing as much power as he can, while deliberately damaging the economy, all while pinning the blame on unvaccinated Canadians.

The more we turn against each other, the weaker we become as a country, and the stronger Trudeau becomes. Like all power-obsessed statist politicians, he depends upon people directing their anger anywhere except the government.

Indeed, have you noticed how the more powerful the government becomes the more they blame others for their failures?

At both the federal and provincial level, Canada is witnessing unprecedented levels of state intervention in both the economic and personal spheres.

Governments have reached a level of power that would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago, yet the more power they grab the more nothing is their fault, and the more they have to find other people to direct anger towards when things go wrong.

And now, with years and years of failed economic policies piling up, and with more and more Canadians starting to realize how bad things could get for our country, the statists are desperate.

Logic over emotion

Fear can serve an important purpose in the moment.

But when fear is generated by the state, pushed and promoted by the media, it changes from a short-term warning signal into a long-term distortion of our minds and our thoughts.

Ongoing fear leads to more and more irrationality, and more and more anger.

By contrast, when we can first acknowledge the initial fear, but then move beyond it and take a more logical stance, we are able to accurately assess a situation.

This is why, rather than restrictions and mandates, the government should be stepping back and letting all Canadians make their own individual choices and risk assessments. Decisions are best made by those closest to the decision, not a power-abusing centralized state.

If you know people who are still giving in to fear and are still demanding authoritarian government control, it’s important to try and help them realize how they are being manipulated by politicians like Justin Trudeau, and be an example of how we can hold on to our core values even when those in power want us to abandon everything we stand for.

We need to stand up and speak out against Justin Trudeau’s scapegoat strategy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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