Here’s What The Establishment Media & Trudeau Government Doesn’t Want You To See

The truth must overcome the false narrative.

As many had anticipated, the establishment press and Liberal politicians are falling all over themselves to find one or two controversial people at the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, and then amplify those people to the hilt.

The strategy is simple:

Focus all attention on controversy, and then blast that message at the public over and over again until the public is left with nothing other than the most negative possible impression.

As we’ve noted before, this usually works for the establishment press, but with the rise of independent media, and the fact that social media lets everyone potentially be their own reporter, it’s far tougher than it ever was before for the establishment press to push their narrative unchallenged.

Yet, some people still fall for it, as there are those who still get their opinions from the establishment press. And, since those opinions are also shared on social media and between individuals, it’s essential to do everything we can to push back.

For that reason, I have compiled the following tweets, photos, and videos, which shows the reality of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Whenever you see someone sharing information that disparages the convoy and uses the establishment media message, I encourage you to refer to this compiled page and push back with the truth.

This is what the Trudeau government & establishment media doesn’t want you to see,

The truth of the Freedom Convoy

To start, here is an example of why many Canadians of all backgrounds are so fed up:

“Heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. The truckers are doing more than blocking the road, they are unifying a devistated country.”

Here’s what true convoy participants are actually doing when they see people trying to hijack the movement/act as agent provocateurs, they call them out and remove them:

“A provocateur, hiding his face, attempted to distort the appearance freedom movement in Ottawa, Canada. He was quickly pointed out and told to leave.”

Here are photos of the flags that have actually been featured and prevalent:

Truckers honouring those who died for our freedom:

“A powerful photo you won’t see on Canadian media outlets.

Truckers paying respect to the Canadians that fought for freedom.”

Here’s someone being absolutely clowned as they try demonizing the protest as ‘white supremacy’ while standing next to a Sikh man:

“TFW: You realize the Sikh trucker beside you is going to make you look like a soy-addled clown on live TV.”

Members of the Sikh Freedom Alliance:

Here’s a Bitcoin supporter:

Here’s a Clan Mother blessing the convoy

“Clan mother Noreen from Yellowknife offers blessing to convoy.”

Here’s another example of the fact that the convoy includes Canadians from all backgrounds:

“Lots of folks here from Montreal and other places in Quebec in support of the convoy. Met many folks of colour like Kamal here who roll their eyes at the notion that everyone gathered here is a white supremacist. #TruckerConvoy2022”

Here’s a couple who is honouring their nephew, who committed suicide amid school closures and lockdowns:

“Met this nice couple at the protest who drove up from Cambridge, ON with their daughter.They’re here for kids suffering because of school closures and lockdowns. Their nephew died by suicide last year and they’re here to honour his memory and stand up for kids. #TruckerConvoy2022”

Here’s a shot of the large crowd, with many Canadian flags in view (rather than the flags the establishment and government have been promoting):

Here are members of the convoy picking up trash, something you won’t see at a left-wing protest:

Participants of the Freedom Convoy picked up trash following Saturday’s huge protest at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Footage by

And, in a real act of extremism that the establishment press won’t share, radical leftists put nails on the highway:

“The anti-freedom people who are triggered by the trucks are getting really desperate. They are putting nails on the ground in the path of the convoy”

Here’s an example of how the media tries to distort everything:

“IQ Test:

One photo is of a true Canadian Freedom Convoy trucker. One is a true Canadian Freedom Convoy supporter. One is the individual the freedom-hating media will focus on. See if you can figure out which is which?”

And, another example of the truth, that the convoy is sharing a positive message of unity:

“If some folks want to only highlight the few negatives in the protests, it’s perfectly fair to point to the many positives. It’s hard to disagree with the message of no division, no discrimination, whatever side of the ideological divide you’re on.”

Finally, when you hear people talking about the supposed ‘desecration’ of the Terry Fox statue, the fact is that putting some easily-removed clothing items and a Canadian Flag on a statue is not desecration.

Desecration is what the radical left does when they tear statues down.

Help share this information and push back with the truth, to ensure the establishment press & Trudeau government don’t get away with their false narrative.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (Andrew Lawton)