Canada Is Becoming A Defiant Nation

Canadians are throwing off the shackles of our weak and submissive mentality, and becoming a nation of people who stand up and push back against government overreach.

Provinces lifting mandates and ending vaccine passports.

The CPC base taking back power and pushing for the overthrow of Erin O’Toole.

A brewing revolt within the Liberal Party, with two Liberal MPs in Quebec publicly rejecting Trudeau’s divisive approach.

A continued Freedom Convoy that is drawing international attention and inspiring people around the world to stand up against authoritarian government overreach.

A surge in support and power for Independent media, with the establishment media narrative being challenged and rejected like never before.

What do all of these things have in common?

It shows that Canada is a nation undergoing a tremendous change.

We are shifting from a nation that was often weak and submissive, to a nation that is defiant, and willing to push back against government power.

Historical moment

Historical moments often don’t feel like historic moments when they are occurring.

But right now, we can feel that something is happening in Canada.

For a long-time, Canadians have been manipulated into thinking that being submissive and weak was somehow ‘nice,’ and that being ‘nice’ was somehow a Canadian value.

Never mind that much of our history – particularly the first & second World Wars – was based on our country building up a large military force, and never mind that we were a part of a strong anti-Communist alliance during the Cold War, many Canadians seemingly believe that having a weak military and being ‘peacekeepers’ is all that we stand for internationally.

And domestically, many Canadians believed that we were supposed to be deferential to authority, and that pushing back against the government was too ‘harsh’ or ‘aggressive.’

Our leaders knew this, and they exploited it to the hilt.

Canadians have watched as our rights and freedoms were stripped away one by one, with our leaders treating our rights as nothing more than privileges they could dole out at their whim.

And most people put up with it, over and over and over again.

But everybody, and every nation, has a limit.

And when that limit is reached, and when people realize how our corrupt leaders have taken advantage of us, a moment is reached when the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Those are the moments that go down in history, the moments that become a ‘before and after’ reference point.

Canada has reached that moment.

All across the country, the system is falling apart and being remade in a new, freer, and more defiant image.

Our political system, one of the most leader-centric and repressive in the democratic world, has witnessed an outburst of free expression and independent thinking.

The CPC Caucus, after over a year of being repressed by O’Toole’s leadership and dissuaded from speaking out against draconian restrictions, finally had enough. After significant pressure incited by Independent media & the CPC base, a critical mass of CPC MPs pushed O’Toole out of power.

And already, the CPC is becoming a party that more accurately represents their base.

The Party has abandoned support for the carbon tax, saying it will be decided in the leadership race. Given that frontrunner Pierre Poilievre is almost certain to oppose the tax, and given that any candidate who supports it will be heavily opposed by the powerful CPC base, it looks as if Canada is going to have a real debate about carbon taxes again, rather than the false consensus dishonestly imposed by O’Toole.

The CPC is also strongly standing against mandates and vaccine passports, calling on Trudeau to end them:

“Follow the science. End the restrictions. End the mandates.

Suivre la science. Fin des restrictions. Fin des mesures sanitaires obligatoires.”

In just a short time, the CPC has gone from being completely aligned with the establishment narrative, to now pushing back against it.

Even more shocking has been the brewing revolt within the Liberal Party.

On Tuesday, Liberal MP Joel Lightbound slammed the divisive approach of the Trudeau government:

“Last, I think it’s time to stop dividing Canadians, to stop pitting one part of the population against another. I can’t help but notice with regret that both tone and the policies of my government changed drastically on the eve and during the last election campaign.

From a positive and unifying approach, a decision was made to wedge to divide and to stigmatize. I fear that this politicization (of) the pandemic risks undermining the public’s trust in public-health institutions. This is not a risk we ought to be taking lightly.

And this last year, Canada has reached one of the highest levels of vaccination in the world, something we should be proud of. It is something we should be celebrating. Yet here we are more divided than ever.

Time to stop with the division and the distractions. It’s time to choose positive, not coercive methods. It’s time to unite. Finally, why am I alone voicing these concerns publicly today? I can tell you that I’m not the only one who feels varying degrees as I do within our ranks.”

The day after Lightbound’s dissent, Liberal MP Yves Robillard echoed the same message:

““He [Lightbound] said exactly what a lot of us think,” said Robillard in an interview with the Hill Times on Wednesday. “I agree with everything that Lightbound said.”

Robillard said that he spoke with Lightbound and expressed his support for him. He added that they would work together on this issue going forward. 

COVID-19 restrictions, said Robillard, have affected his own mental health as well as that of many Canadians. He said that he is even planning on seeing a doctor. 

Robillard said he is not worried about being kicked out of the Liberal caucus, claiming there are more Liberal MPs “who’ve just had enough” and who “are not going to pass the rest of our mandate like that.””

Provinces changing course

As the freedom movement gains power, provincial leaders are starting to change course.

Saskatchewan and Alberta are planning to end restrictions and vaccine passports, while PEI has begun their ‘transition’ towards lifting restrictions.

This will create further and further pressure on other provinces to follow suit, and while it’s not fast enough, it does demonstrate how the tide has turned, and how momentum is with those who support freedom and personal responsibility, rather than those who worship at the altar of authoritarian government power.

A New Nation

On January 24, 2022, I wrote about how it seemed possible that a new nation was being forged, as Canadians found a renewed willingness to speak out and stand up for our freedoms.

Since then, that has increasingly been what has happened, and what continues to happen.

You can sense that there’s no going back now, that a new attitude of defiance and courage has been awakened within Canadians, and that we won’t return to the supine, submissive, and meek approach that our politicians so ruthlessly took advantage of.

Canada will be a different nation going forward, a nation where real debates take place, where independence of thought is paramount, where individual freedom and personal responsibility are valued, where free thinkers in independent media counter the spread of false establishment press narratives, and where those who try to impose authoritarianism will be called out and challenged by freedom-loving Canadians of all backgrounds, united in our defense of our rights and liberties.

Spencer Fernando

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