After Two Years Of Lockdowns, Restrictions, & Wrecking The Value Of Your Money, The Establishment All Of A Sudden Pretends To Care About The Economy

They have zero credibility when they claim to be worried about ‘economic damage,’ since economic damage is exactly what they’ve been deliberately causing.

If there’s something over the past two years that is beyond obvious, it’s that most of our politicians have no consistent principles, aside from the desire to expand their own power.

Whatever narrative gives them power, whatever narrative serves their interests, and whatever narrative takes away as much of our freedom as possible, that’s the narrative they’ll use.

So, when Covid wasn’t in the country, and many right-leaning Canadians called for border closures, top public officials and politicians in the Liberal government called those claims ‘bigoted,’ and said the virus was ‘low risk.’

After all, criticizing China and protecting the interests of Canadian Citizens is diametrically opposed to the Liberal statist agenda.

But, once the virus entered the country, their whole narrative flipped. All of a sudden, it became the ‘justification’ for the most authoritarian power-grab we’ve seen in generations.

After an understandable initial few weeks of lockdowns as the world figured out what we were dealing with, ‘two weeks’ to slow the spread just kept on going.

Temporary lockdowns and restrictions were extended over and over again, and rather than let individual Canadians and businesses choose their own level of risk, politicians imposed their will on everyone.

They chose which businesses were ‘essential.’

They chose how many could gather.

They deliberately made the decision to devastate the economy, and then print a bunch of money and give it out in lieu of actual commerce.

Predictably, the consequences of these policies have been awful.

Some on the left like to claim that prioritizing the economy is somehow ‘harsh’ or ‘inhumane’.

Yet, when economies fall apart there is a surge in drug overdoses, more suicides, more domestic violence, higher crime, and more mental health problems. A good economy is good for human beings, and a bad economy is bad for human beings.

So, prioritizing the economy is the same as prioritizing hope, growth, and opportunity.

Thus, the decision by the Canadian federal government and provincial governments to keep Canada much more locked-down and restricted than most countries in the world was a huge mistake.

It was a decision to purposely inflict severe economic damage.

What does this have to do with what I mentioned at the outset, how politicians are obsessed with expanding their own power using whatever narrative serves that interest?

Well, after two years of deliberately screwing over the economy, our leaders have reinvented themselves as defenders of the same economy they wrecked.

Amid protests and blockades, politicians like Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford have taken a deliberately divisive stance.

Rather than simply ending the mandates and opening up – as much of the world and parts of Canada are already doing – Trudeau & Ford instead sought to use government power and escalate their rhetoric. As they did so, they talked repeatedly about the damage to the economy, and how that was ‘unacceptable.’

Rank hypocrisy

Can you think of two ‘leaders’ who have less credibility when talking about the economy than Justin Trudeau & Doug Ford?

Both have been imposing economic policies that are absolutely devastating, and out of step with other parts of Canada and much of the world.

For example, in ‘conservative’ states in the US, there have often been little to no lockdowns or restrictions at all. And even in left-leaning American states, and in left-leaning democratic countries, lockdowns and restrictions have generally been milder than in places like Ontario.

So, Ford has no credibility to talk about being ‘conservative’ or protecting the economy.

Likewise with Trudeau, who has seemingly been on a crusade to wreck the economy since getting into office.

He’s raised taxes, imposed a carbon tax that dissuades investment and makes everything more expensive, rejected pipelines and tried to strangle our energy sector, allowed China to take over important Canadian companies, and overseen a brutal drop in Canada’s per-capita GDP.

In 2014, our per-capita GDP was $50,596 USD.

Justin Trudeau took office in 2015.

In 2020, our GDP had fallen to $43,241 USD.

For comparison, in that same time, US per-capita GDP rose from $55,049 to $63,543.

The US has gone from being just slightly wealthier than Canada on a per capita basis, to now having a significant lead. At this rate, it won’t be long until Canada’s per capita GDP is just 2/3rds of that in the US.

At the same time, Canada’s population is increasing at a rapid rate due to extremely high immigration levels. The combo of big immigration increases, and a stagnating economy leads to exactly what we’ve seen in Canada – the nation becoming poorer and poorer on a per capita basis.

This is no surprise, since Justin Trudeau has an inherently anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, anti-entrepreneurial ideology.

And that was the case even before covid.

Since the virus, Trudeau has gone completely authoritarian, and he’s been backed up by the Bank of Canada, who have enabled his overspending and massive deficits by printing an immense amount of money.

This has led to rampant inflation, meaning the government is robbing you of our money through the inflation tax, a favourite tool of tyrants and authoritarian governments throughout history.

As you can see, Trudeau’s time in office has been brutal for the Canadian economy, and his policies over the past two years have merely been the ‘icing on the cake’ of economic devastation.

A pathetically dishonest re-invention

With all of this in mind, it has been absurd to hear politicians like Trudeau and Ford talk about preventing economic damage.

They have no credibility at this point.

They will turn right around and impose more lockdowns and restrictions if they feel it serves their interests, and they have both shown a complete disregard for individual rights, liberties, and the right of businesses to stay open and make their own decisions.

This kind of hypocrisy from politicians like Trudeau & Ford is a key reason why our country is so divided. The more politicians refuse to end mandates, and the more they act like power-hungry hypocrites, the more the divisions will deepen, and the more Canadians will be inspired to stand up for our rights and freedoms.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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