Introducing The Spencer Fernando Show

In a time of state-funded media spreading dishonest narratives, we need in-depth conversations with Independent minds.

For some time, people have been encouraging me to make more videos and start a podcast.

And now, with events in this country getting more and more disturbing, and with a bigger need than ever before for in-depth discussion with independent voices willing to speak the truth, I have decided to do so.

I am excited to introduce The Spencer Fernando Show.

The Spencer Fernando Show will feature long-form discussions with Independent Voices about the big issues in our country and in the world today.

For the first episode, I had the honour of speaking with Darshan Maharaja, who is building a rapidly growing following due to his wise and insightful perspectives. We talked about recent events in Canada, including Justin Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach and the disturbing rise of statism.

The podcast is available in multiple formats and on multiple platforms.

You can view the video of our discussion on Rumble:

You can also listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Additionally, the podcast is available on Spotify and other platforms.

I encourage you to subscribe and share the podcast widely, and help us to keep standing up for the truth.

Spencer Fernando