BREAKING: NDP Sides With Trudeau Liberals Against The Freedom Of The Canadian People, Vote To Approve Emergencies Act

The Liberals & NDP had the chance to do the right thing. Instead, they choose to attack the freedom of the Canadian People.

Despite all the condemnation both in Canada and around the world.

Despite all the civil liberties groups and activists – many of them on the left – who denounced Justin Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act.

And despite the fact that all the blockades are over, and the protest in Ottawa has ended, the Emergencies Act has been passed in the House of Commons.

The Liberals & NDP voted together to pass the act, thus extending measures that attack the freedoms of the Canadian People.

All Conservative MPs & Bloc MPs voted against the Emergencies Act, taking a stand in defense of the freedom of the Canadian People.

The Greens split, with Elizabeth May – who has been arrested at protests before – voting to pass the Emergencies Act, while Green MP Mike Morrice voted against the Emergencies Act.

Canada has now been plunged into a prolonged period of massively expanded government power, power the Liberals have already mused about extending even further – and making some of their new emergency powers permanent.

This is a dangerous and dark day for Canada, as our freedoms are under brutal assault from power-hungry politicians in the Liberals & NDP.

Canadians will certainly remember this come election time. All who supported the Emergencies Act need to be voted out and replaced with people who support freedom and who stand with the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube