Government Is A Gang

At one point, many Canadians may have seen the government as part of the fabric of the country. But now, people see how it’s something separate and often hostile.

What if a gang took over Canada?

What would that look like?

What would be the result?

Well, we’ve already seen it happen in some parts of the world.

Large swathes of Mexico are controlled by cartels, who control the provision of ‘security’ and even offer ‘services’ that are usually the domain of the government.

Simply put, in sections of that country the cartels are more capable of asserting force and power, and thus they are in control and are the de facto government.

Whether it is called a ‘gang,’ ‘cartel,’ or ‘government’ is in fact beside the point, particularly for those living there.

The reality is that whatever we call it, every society has a group of people at the top who have the ability to impose force and power on everyone else.

This is something that governments are loathe to admit, because it reveals that the true nature of government is force.

We are used to talking about ‘public service’ and often think that since we get to vote, the government works for us.

Of course, that is how it’s supposed to be.

But as we watch the Trudeau government impose the Emergencies Act, and as we watch Jagmeet Singh talk about how it should only be used against his ideological opponents and never on those he deems as ‘acceptable’ protesters and activists, the reality is that the Canadian government is a gang.

Think about it this way.

The government offers you ‘protection,’ but you’re forced to pay ‘protection money’ (taxes).

If you don’t, you can get hauled off to jail.

If you question the authority of the government gang, you can be jailed.

If the government gang says you have to shut your business down, your business will be shut down, and if you resist, you can be jailed.

If the government gang says your business has to open and provide a service (like using the Emergencies Act to force tow-truck companies to operate in a specific location), then you have to comply.

If the government gang says a border has to be shut down, that border will be shut down, and trying to open it will be a crime.

If the government gang says a border has to be opened, that border will be opened, and trying to close it will be a crime.

If the government gang says you must use a certain kind of money – money that they can create out of thin air – then you have to use it, and if you try using an alternative you can be accused and charged with a crime.

If you violate private property and cause damage & violence during a protest the government gang agrees with, you can be let off the hook.

If you have a protest that is absent of violence and property damage, you can be severely punished if the government gang disagrees with your cause.

If you want to freely provide a service – such as healthcare – to another adult who is willing to pay for it, you can be accused and charged with violating the law. Meanwhile, the government gang can provide that service and force everyone to pay for it at a rate the government gang dictates through taxes.

If you are a law-abiding gun owner, but are part of a political constituency the government gang disapproves of, you can have your property taken away, while individuals the government gang approves of can commit crimes and cause actual violence while getting a slap on the wrist.

And if you are an unvaccinated trucker and the government gang needs you to keep working, you’ll be dubbed a hero, but the moment they change their mind and try to destroy your livelihood, they’ll demonize you in the most vicious and divisive terms.

Government is raw power

All of the things above are merely a fraction of the instances in which the government operates purely from the threat of punishment and force.

Indeed, the fact that the government can send armed people into your home and take your money and your freedom is the foundation upon which all other aspects of government influence rest.

This has been true for a long time, but the use and abuse of the Emergencies Act by the Trudeau government has woken up many Canadians to the fact that government is nothing more than raw power.

The government is a gang, the biggest gang in the country, the gang with the strongest ability to assert force and power upon everyone else.

Consider that during the last two years, government workers and politicians kept getting paid.

Lockdowns and business closures and the devastating economic consequences didn’t apply to those in government. The gang exempted themselves. In fact, politicians continued to get raises even as they imposed policies that had devastating economic consequences for millions of Canadians.

Government was always deemed ‘essential,’ while the politicians got to choose who among the private sector would be lucky enough to get that same designation.

Rules for us, but not for them.

So, what is the solution to all of this?

Decentralized power

There is no getting around the fact that government is nothing but raw power.

All we can do is seek to decentralize that power and limit it as much as possible.

Lower taxes means less money under the control of government, which limits how much force and power they can apply.

Decentralizing power to more local jurisdictions also means that power is less concentrated, reducing the damage government can do.

And, creating a strong societal desire for freedom and a ‘leave me alone’ attitude can lead to the election of those who are willing to decentralize government and reduce the power of the state.

Canada increasingly faces a binary political choice and future: We will either recognize the danger of the government gang and push for limiting their power, or we will head down the path towards a tyrannical nation where freedom is nothing but a distant memory.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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