Race-Focused Poilievre Critics Reveal Their Own Divisive Worldview

Isn’t it interesting how the elites attempt to divert attention to race whenever the public starts to get angry about the failed economic policies of the establishment?

As Pierre Poilievre continues to attract massive crowds across Canada with a message focused on the economic & monetary policy failures of the political establishment, that establishment has a clear choice:

Show some humility and consider why so many Canadians are outraged.

Or, refuse the opportunity for introspection and instead demonize and belittle those who are angry.

Clearly, they’ve chosen the latter.

Rather than focusing on the substance of Pierre Poilievre’s message, or the fully justified underlying reason many Canadians are so angry at the failed policies of the political establishment, the elites have tried to shift the focus to the racial composition of Poilievre’s crowds.

This is part of a long-term pattern.

Focus on race as a distraction

Have you noticed that whenever people start to focus on the problems with our economy the political and media elites start talking way more about race all of a sudden?

It has become their go-to distraction tool, which they use to try and inject a highly-emotional and divisive debate into the public sphere, in the hope that it will stop people from talking about the economy.

Of course, it’s a clear admission of failure on the part of the establishment, as it represents them conceding that they can’t really defend their own economic policies, and thus resort to a scorched-earth strategy designed to inflame tensions as much as possible.


The political establishment is now making it clear that racial division is how they’re going to try and derail Pierre Poilievre’s momentum.

On Twitter, highly-respected Canadian-thinker Darshan Maharaja accurately noted that the conversation only seems to go one way:

“1. The racial composition of a crowd will reflect the population of the area.

2. Would it be OK to ask this question for his (cancelled before it could start) event in Brampton re POC attendees who were in the majority?”

Confronting the divisive message

With the world increasingly dangerous, and with our prosperity slipping away, now is the worst possible time for the divisive tactics of the establishment (not that there is ever a good time for it).

So, we need to confront this message with the facts.

First of all, why is it considered ‘ok’ to criticize a crowed for having many white people in it?

Canada is about 70% white, meaning that in most parts of the country it would be logical to expect a racially-representative crowd to be mostly white.

Second, if ‘A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian,’ and if we are all equal under the law and equal in our status as Canadian Citizens, why should anyone care what the racial make up of a crowd is? Why should it matter at all?

Third, the political and media establishment has ignored the fact that Poilievre has indeed had racially diverse crowds at many of his campaign events.

Here are some examples:

As we can see, Poilievre is attending events with a diverse range of Canadians – and even the smaller scale events seem to be attracting better crowds than the Charest or Patrick Brown campaigns.

Poilievre also holds rallies across the country, and those rallies have been more diverse in diverse parts of the country, and ‘less diverse’ in less diverse parts of the country.

Even talking about this ‘diversity’ is a distraction, since it assumes that all white people or brown people are the same as other people with a similar shade of skin, which is an absurdity.

What should really matter is that Poilievre is drawing massive crowds of CANADIANS who are unifying around a message that is focused on shared values and the core principle of freedom that can bring all kinds of Canadians together.

That’s what Canada needs, not the divisive race-obsessed approach of the failed establishment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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