WATCH: Poilievre Slams Corporate Media As Elites Try Shielding Bank of Canada From Criticism

“When powerful people do damage to everyday citizens with their policies, it is our job as elected officials to call them out,” said Poilievre.

For quite some time, the establishment media has been abandoning the traditional role of the press – speaking truth to power – and instead speak power to truth.

Rather than standing up for regular Canadians, the media now seeks to ‘keep people in line’ with whatever the establishment narrative may be.

For example, how often have we seen the media spend their time attacking the official opposition for ‘daring’ to criticize the Trudeau government?

And during the pandemic, the media often sought to criticize and delegitimatize those who questioned the denial of our rights & liberties, instead of holding the government accountable for such a massive expansion of power.

This is a large factor in the rise of the independent media.

There will always be a large public demand for the media to hold the government and powerful institutions accountable, so if the establishment press isn’t doing that, the demand will be filled by others.

Protecting the powerful

What is the most powerful institution in Canada?

While many would be tempted to claim the Prime Minister’s Office holds that position, a case could easily be made for the Bank of Canada.

After all, the Bank of Canada has the power to erode the value of our money, dramatically distort the housing market, push wealth into the hands of those closest to the firehose of newly ‘printed’ money, and even weaken the social bonds of the nation through the inflation tax that generates more anger, division, and extremism.

With that in mind, why should the Bank of Canada be off-limits from criticism?

Furthermore, since the Bank of Canada is influenced by the PMO (claims otherwise lack credibility), and since government/quasi-government institutions must be accountable to the Canadian People, avoiding criticism of the Bank of Canada is inherently anti-democratic.

Poilievre pushes back

Amid the CPC leadership race, the establishment press has been slamming the Bank of Canada for their inflationary money printing, and the many failed predictions made by the central bank.

Much of the media has acted as if this is unacceptable, protecting the powerful Bank of Canada from the criticism.

In a recent press conference, Poilievre pushed back:

“Some in the media may not get it, but Canadian people do.

Powerful people who do damage to everyday citizens with their policies should be held to account. That’s exactly what I’ll do.

Stop #JustinFlation. Restore sound money.”

Who does the media serve?

Much of the establishment press is now funded by the government, and is financially dependent on the state. CBC has received a massive increase in funding, and knows that funding wouldn’t remain in place under a Conservative government.

So, they have a vested financial interest in keeping the Liberals in power, in addition to the statist, left-wing bias that exists among many in the press.

If the media serves the government, then those seeking to defeat the sitting government are also fighting against the media.

Poilievre understands this, and his willingness to push back is exactly what is needed.

Spencer Fernando

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