What Are The Liberals & NDP So Afraid Of?

Either there’s no big scandal regarding the National Microbiology Lab, or our government institutions failed to a significant degree and put our national security at risk. Whichever it is, Canadians deserve the truth.

“L’état, c’est moi.”

“The state, it’s me.”

It’s the attitude of an emperor, someone who views their own political interests and desires as inseparable from the nation they lead.

It’s the kind of attitude that democracies are explicitly supposed to reject.

The state doesn’t belong to those who temporarily hold positions of power, it belongs to the Canadian People, and politicians/government officials are supposed to work for us.

Yet, in the ongoing refusal of the Liberal government – now with the help of the NDP – to release documents relating to the firing of two China-linked scientists from the Canadian National Microbiology Lab, it is becoming more and more clear that a “the state, it’s me” attitude is running rampant.

Consider that even after the Liberal Speaker of the House ordered documents to be released, the Liberals refused.

Consider that they refused to do so even when the opposition parties – including the NDP at the time – demanded transparency and could outvote the Liberals in committee.

And now, consider that the NDP has switched sides, joining the Liberals in the effort to block transparency now that they have a pact:

“The NDP have sold out again. They just voted against ordering the Winnipeg Lab Documents at the Foreign Affairs Committee, reversing from the position that they took in the last Parliament. They are now siding with the Liberals, against democratic accountability.”

The conclusions we can draw from this are quite disturbing.

First of all, the Liberals have claimed that the material would jeopardize national security.

Would it reveal that Canada has shockingly lax procedures for protecting national secrets?

Would it reveal that China has a high degree of access into the lab?

Would it reveal that the government allowed that level of access, or looked the other way?

And, if those possibilities are indeed the case, wouldn’t it enhance Canada’s national security to have that revealed so we can fix it?

Remember, the Liberal government openly admitted that Canada had nearly run out of weapons to send to Ukraine, revealing the bereft nature of our arsenal.

This same government has allowed China to buy up Canadian companies that were intricately linked with our national defense and the military industrial complexes of our allies.

Finally, this same government has continued to leave our armed forces without adequate funding and have deepened our dependence on foreign sources of energy, both of which represent a clear risk to our national security.

So, you’ll forgive me if I don’t take it seriously when the Liberal government claims to be worried about Canada’s national security in this instance.

Political security

Rather, it seems the Liberals are concerned about their political security, worried that revealing the truth would be a massive political blow to the Liberal government and would generate a significant backlash among the Canadian public.

Given that the NDP has now sided with the Liberals, that looks even more likely, since both parties are now ‘in on it together,’ in trying to prevent Canadians from getting to the truth.

The government works for us

If this government has indeed left us open to having a high-security lab that was left far to accessible to a hostile foreign power, then the real risk is in Canadians being denied the truth.

Only by knowing the facts can our nation course-correct, learn from what went wrong, and ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

In a democracy, the government is not supposed to have the power to hide the truth from the people just to protect their own image.

The government is supposed to work for us, and that means being open, transparent, and accountable.

The ongoing cover-up being perpetrated by the Liberals & NDP shows those parties have forgotten that, and have forgotten their role in Canadian democracy.

Spencer Fernando

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