Trudeau’s Biased Response To Protests Undermine Democracy & The Rule Of Law

When it comes to our rights, it would seem “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” doesn’t apply.

Government power is an ever-present risk to our rights and freedoms.

Even in a nation that is supposed to be ‘free,’ the immense power of many of our institutions – and the fact that flawed human beings run those institutions – means the potential for abuse of power and the denial of individual rights and freedoms is always there.

As Canadians, we don’t need to be told that, as we’ve been living it for quite some time.

Among ‘free’ countries, Canada has had some of the toughest government-imposed restrictions, at both the federal and provincial level.

Our leaders often seemed to revel in going farther than other nations in restricting our rights and freedoms.

And then, when Canadians in the Freedom Convoy pushed back, the Trudeau government sought to enflame tensions and deepen divisions, before imposing the Emergencies Act.

That decision was a clear abuse of power, and the Liberals have shown themselves unable to coherently defend it, with their ‘justifications’ repeatedly revealed to have been based upon false reports by the establishment press:

“Despite the inquiry into the use of the Act lacking credibility due to the Liberals focusing it on the protestors and appointing a judge who previously worked as a Liberal aide and contributed to the Liberal Party, the Liberals are still unable to get their story straight.

In the most egregious example, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino repeated the completely false claim that convoy participants set fires:

“.@GlenMotz calls out @marcomendicino for attempting to mislead a parliamentary committee by spreading fake news!”

Biased response

We have seen how the Liberals responded to a protest they didn’t agree with: Demonization and abuse of state power.

By contrast, let’s look at how the Liberals responded to the destruction of property at a May Day protest:

“May Day rioters smashing windows in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.”

As with many far-left protests, we see destruction of property.

Should the Emergencies Act have been invoked for this?

Of course not, as that would be an immense overreaction. The authorities already have the power to deal with it if they so chose.

But that was also true of the Freedom Convoy.

The illegal bridge blockade was shut down without the Emergencies Act, as were other convoy-related protests.

The Trudeau Liberals have now been reduced to claiming they needed the act to ‘compel’ tow truck drivers to help the government, which is a pathetically weak pretext for suspending individual rights and freedoms.

Weaponizing the banks

Will any far-left protestors who destroy property have their bank accounts seized or frozen?


Not that it should happen of course, as that kind of tactic shouldn’t be used against Canadians based on the whim of the government, regardless of that government’s political stripe.

That said, the fact that we have reached the place where we can be sure a certain tactic won’t be used against left-wing protestors is itself a problem, because it demonstrates how politicized the rule of law has become.

The Liberal government weaponized the banks against protestors they disagreed with, and this has further undermined faith in the fairness of our institutions.

The Trudeau Liberals have done tremendous damage to Canada’s democracy, and the next government will have a tough task in undoing that damage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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