While Canadians Struggle, Trudeau Government Giving $42,000 Raise To Pro-Liberal Senate Group Head

The Trudeau government may as well be laughing in the faces of Canadians at this point.

The finances of Canadians are being crushed amid surging inflation and rising taxes.

With wages failing to keep up with the rising cost-of-living, Canadians are falling further and further behind.

If it wasn’t for the way that excessive money printing generates the false illusion of ‘growth,’ it would be even easier for people to see how precarious our economy is.

But even in such distorted conditions, a full 49% of Canadians say they are just $200 away from insolvency, as I reported earlier in the week:

“A new Ipsos survey conducted for MNP demonstrates the extent to which many Canadians are on the brink of financial disaster.

According to the survey, 49% of Canadians say they are within $200 of insolvency.

Additionally, 31% said they don’t make enough money to pay bills and debts.

The survey also measures the debt sentiment of Canadians.

That index fell to 87, the lowest number (lower is worse) since the index was introduced in 2017.”

So, how are the Liberals responding to the struggles facing Canadians?

Are they cutting our taxes?


Are they moving towards sound money?


Are they planning to embrace fiscal restraint?

Nope again.

Instead, they’re giving massive raises to top Senate leaders.

In the latest federal budget, the Liberals snuck in some legislative changes to how the Senate functions. Included in those changes are big pay raises for Senate group leaders, including the head of the Independent Senators Group (AKA the Liberal Senate Caucus in everything but name).

“In addition to a senator’s base pay of approximately $160,000, the new legislation offers the other caucus leaders top-ups. The leader of the largest group, at this point the Independent Senators Group, would get a $42,000 raise and the leaders of smaller caucus groups would each get a $21,000 boost.

Currently, only the government’s representative and the leader of the opposition get a top-up of just over $42,000.”

That’s what the Liberals think of the struggles facing Canadians.

It’s just a joke to them.

They impose policies that rob our money of value, hike our taxes, make life less and less affordable, and then use our taxpayer dollars to further enrich their friends in the Senate.

They may as well be laughing in our faces at this point.

This all comes back to the difference between leaders who see themselves as servants, and those who see themselves as rulers.

Clearly, the Liberals believe themselves to be in the latter category, and they never miss an opportunity to take more of our tax dollars to entrench their power and enrich their cronies.

That’s bad enough at any time, but it’s especially egregious at a time when so many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet because of failed Liberal policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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