INSULTING CANADIANS: Jean Charest Claims Working For Communist China-Controlled Huawei Is The Same As Canadians Working Private Sector Jobs

A truly pathetic attempt to try and deflect criticism, and an insult to millions of Canadians.

Jean Charest’s campaign continues to struggle.

From small crowds, to being repeatedly offside with many CPC members, Charest has found the path to the CPC leadership littered with proverbial minefields.

Yet, the biggest challenge facing Charest appears to be his work for Communist China-controlled Huawei.

As we know, Huawei is seen as so toxic by most of Canadians Five Eyes partners that they have banned the company from their 5G networks.

In the absence of a similar ban here in Canada, most of the telecom companies have made the decision to use providers other than Huawei, knowing full well how unpopular Huawei is among the overwhelming majority of the Canadian People.

Indeed, Huawei was founded by a former Deputy Regimental head in the People’s Liberation Army, and is widely linked to human rights abuses in Xinjiang province, as well as the vast surveillance apparatus of the ruthless Chinese Communist Party.

Suffice it to say, Huawei goes against the values and beliefs held by most Canadians, particularly Canadians on the Conservative end of the political spectrum.

After all, it was the Conservatives who – with strong support from their membership – took the hardest line against the Chinese Communist Party, a position that is now held by most Canadians.

Considering all of that, you can see why Jean Charest’s work for Huawei is such a problem.

We saw this when – despite being given repeated opportunities – Charest refused to admit how much Communist China-controlled Huawei had paid him.

Things are so bad for Charest that even state-run CBC has been asking questions.

In an interview with Rosemary Barton, Charest was asked about his work for Huawei.

His response was nothing short of insulting to Canadians.

He attempted to compare working for Huawei to Canadians working any other private sector job:

“In an interview with the state broadcaster(CBC) Jean Charest defends his work with Huawei:

“I worked in the private sector… no one should have to forced to apologize because they actually had a job””

Charest is clearly struggling to explain away his work for Huawei, and that’s because there isn’t a good explanation.

He worked for them as recently as 2020. Yet, he now claims he will ban the company.

Did Huawei really change that much in Charest’s view over the past two years to go from a company he was fine getting paid by to a company that is such a threat that they need to be banned?

Of course, what really changed is Charest’s political agenda.

Insulting the Canadian People

Many millions of Canadians work in the private sector.

They work for local companies, small businesses, big companies, and everything in between. Many run their own businesses.

What they don’t do is work for a company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

What they don’t do is work for a company that has been linked to human rights abuses.

What they don’t do is work for a company that many of Canada’s closest democratic allies have banned due to security concerns.

For Charest to try and lump in millions of Canadians with his work for Communist China-controlled Huawei is pathetic and insulting to Canadians, and is further evidence of why Charest must be defeated.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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