Liberal ‘No More Pipelines Bill’ Ruled Unconstitutional

The Liberal government says they will appeal the ruling.

The Alberta Court of Appeal has ruled that the Impact Assessment Act – known by many as the ‘No More Pipelines bill’, is unconstitutional.

In the ruling, the highest court in Alberta ruled the legislation poses an “excisional threat” to the division of powers:

“Climate change constitutes an existential threat to Canada. The (Impact Assessment Act) involves another existential threat — one also pressing and consequential — and that is the clear and present danger this legislative scheme presents to the division of powers guaranteed by our Constitution and, thus, to Canada itself.”

The decision was celebrated by many in Alberta and among the Official Opposition:

“The “No More Pipelines” Act (Bill C-69) has been ruled unconstitutional by Alberta’s Court of Appeal in a major 4 to 1 decision!

An historic victory, and central part of our strategy to fight for a fair deal!”

“This is a very good day for Alberta and for our energy sector.

Justin Trudeau’s unconstitutional Bill C-69, the No More Pipelines bill, has been found unconstitutional.”

“The federal government spent six years developing and implementing an unconstitutional law designed to obliterate Alberta’s exclusive constitutional jurisdiction to manage our natural resources.”

“BREAKING: Alberta Court of Appeal rules Liberal Bill C-69 UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

The NDP-Liberals’ anti-energy agenda is obvious. I have challenged it at every step. Bill C-69 has always been a deliberate, top-down intervention in provincial jurisdiction…”

“Bill C-69 is a wretched mess of bureaucratic red-tape, federal over reach, and social engineering nonsense.

It’s killing off investment in Canadian industry and threatens our prosperity, including the hope of economic reconciliation with Indigenous people.”

“BREAKING: Alberta’s top court rules Liberal No More Pipelines Bill C-69 unconstitutional.

The Liberals need to repeal this harmful legislation.”

Liberals to appeal

Justin Trudeau responded to the ruling, saying, “We will be appealing this decision.”

Right now, we are seeing surging gas prices, making life less and less affordable for Canadians.

Additionally, we are watching our allies in Europe struggle because of their reliance on Russian energy – something Canada could help mitigate by increasing our production.

The world clearly needs more Canadian energy, yet by planning to appeal the Bill C-69 ruling the Trudeau Liberals are demonstrating that they remain locked into their same failed anti-energy ideology.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube