Amid Rampant Inflation, Trudeau Government Turns To Distractions

They want to talk about everything except the economy.

To say the Canadian economy is struggling would be an understatement.

While the government has attempted to point to GDP ‘growth’, the fact is that economic growth has been illusory, largely based upon rampant central bank money printing, a massively distorted housing market, artificially low interest rates, and massive government spending.

In a further sign of how that growth is illusory, wages haven’t been keeping up with inflation, meaning most Canadians are getting poorer.

And, under Canada’s current policies, we are going to fall further and further behind:

“There is a startling admission buried in Chart #28 of the budget released this month by Canada’s Liberal government.

The chart in Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s budget quietly acknowledges a forecast by the OECD, a club of mostly wealthy nations, that Canada will likely come in dead last in the next four decades in regard to GDP growth per capita.

The downplayed chart, one tiny aspect of the 304-page document, serves as a warning that individual Canadians, compared to the citizens of 39 other economically advanced countries, will in the next decades likely suffer the lowest real growth in their wages.”

So, with Liberal-NDP economic policies having failed miserably, how is the government responding?

By trying to throw out as many distractions as possible.

Abortion & guns

Whenever the Liberals get desperate, they try to talk about abortion and guns, and if they’re really desperate they start calling their opponents racist.

We’ve seen the pattern repeat itself over and over again, yet the establishment press refuses to point it out.

Instead, they go along as willing accomplices in Liberal attempts to shift the narrative.

Just today alone, the Liberals tried shifting attention to abortion and guns, with Marco Mendicino bringing back the gun registry, and Marci Ien proposing more federal funding for abortion services.

“Cndns are once again subjected to expensive and ineffective measures to further regulate legal gun owners, while the Liberal gov’t turns a blind eye to the very real and increasing street crime being committed by criminals with illicitly smuggled guns.”

Of course, in Marci Ien’s announcement, the Liberals were questioned about the fact that they are still denying unvaccinated people the right to travel freely, something else the Liberals don’t seem to like talking about lately:

The Liberals are using the same old playbook, hoping to divide Canadians and distract the populace rather than face accountability for the disastrous consequences of their tax-borrow-and-spend economic policies.

Canadians must have the wisdom and foresight to see past the manipulative actions of the Liberals, or our economy will continue to weaken and the dream of a prosperous life will be taken away from more and more of our fellow Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

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