Carbon Tax Supporters Should Admit They Want Higher Gas Prices

After all, they say honesty is the best policy…

As Canadians are witnessing across the country, the carbon tax is a deliberate inflationary policy.

It’s designed to drive up the price of everything.

It’s not a ‘tax on pollution,’ it’s a tax on the necessities of life and economic activity.

That is the entire point of it.

A government taxes something because they want less of it and because they want to profit from it.

They tax alcohol so people will drink less and so the government makes more money.

They tax cigarettes so people will smoke less and so the government makes more money.

The same is true of the carbon tax.

They tax everything so people will have less and the government makes more.

You have less, the government has more.

With this in mind, it is quite ‘interesting’ to see politicians like Justin Trudeau, Jean Charest, Jagmeet Singh, and others support the carbon tax on one hand, while professing to care about surging gas prices and the rising cost of living on the other.

This is deeply hypocritical.

The carbon tax is designed to drive up gas prices.

It’s designed so people are less able to afford to travel and move about their local community, their province, and their country.

Thus, supporters of the carbon tax want higher prices.

And they should admit this.

A real debate

If someone supports the carbon tax, they have every right to do so.

As a supporter of free speech and free expression, and as a believer that democracy benefits from more ideas, not less, I think carbon tax supporters have every right to try and persuade Canadians.

However, a real debate requires some honesty.

At this point, the evidence makes clear that supporting the carbon tax and being concerned about inflation and the rising cost of living are two mutually opposed positions.

Carbon tax proponents should be honest and up front about this.

If someone really believes the carbon tax is an important policy, and if they really believe it is required to ‘save the world’, then surely they should see higher gas prices and a poorer population as a ‘small price to pay’, right?

And if not, if they don’t think that is a price worth paying, then why would they still support the carbon tax?

They could easily announce that given the evidence, given the fact that imposing the carbon tax on Canadians hasn’t lowered global emissions but has hurt the Canadian People, they have decided to oppose the carbon tax.

That would be a fair and legitimate reaction to the evidence and the facts on the ground.

But continuing to support the carbon tax while claiming to be concerned about inflation simply isn’t tenable, and completely lacks credibility.

The carbon tax is an inflationary policy designed to raise the price of everything – including gas prices – and make life less and less affordable. Nothing can change that basic truth.

Spencer Fernando

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