Mendacious Mendicino Keeps Spreading Misinformation

It seems to be a pattern from the public safety minister.

If you just read my latest article, you might think I’m repeating myself here.

But I promise you, this article is about a different lie told by Marco Mendicino.

I can forgive you for the confusion, given that he seems to be lying at such a rapid clip that it’s tough to keep track.

More lies!

Not only is Mendicino lying more, but he’s managing to squeeze in multiple lies into a shorter amount of time.

During an announcement on what is essentially the revival of the failed gun registry, Mendicino unleashed a torrent of falsehoods:

“Marco Mendicino claims police used gun registry data to hunt down Marc Lépine… even though Lépine killed himself on site after his murder spree.”

“… the long gun registry wasn’t created until 1995. 6 years AFTER this shooting.

Come on media – say something”

So, there are two lies right there.

The first is the claim that the gun registry had anything to do with locating Lepine, thus lying about the circumstances of Lepine’s death.

The second is claiming the gun registry even existed at the time, which it did not.

Incompetence, or mendaciousness?

So, is Marco Mendicino incompetent, or is he willfully lying?

Most likely, it’s a mix of both.

Mendicino repeatedly appears to be unaware of the files he’s responsible for, either being poorly briefed or simply not remembering the information he was told.

However, that is itself a choice.

And, you’ll note how whenever Mendicino’s lack of awareness is exposed, he quickly attempts to lie and divide Canadians.

He did it when talking about the Freedom Convoy, falsely repeating discredited claims that convoy participants were involved in arson – even though the police have made clear they were not.

Mendicino also claimed the Emergencies Act was brought in because of law enforcement, while the RCMP has said they didn’t ask for it.

In short, it would seem that Mendicino’s approach is to be ignorant, and then make up lies to cover up for his ignorance whenever he’s under pressure.

Mendicino Fact Check:
❌Emergencies Act needed to clear border blockades
Fact: blockades were already clear
❌Attempted arson was tied to trucker convoy
Fact: police say no such connection
❌Long gun registry helped locate Lepine in 1989
Fact: registry didn’t exist until 1995

Liberal lies reveal a lack of confidence

Mendicino’s lies are being used by the Liberal government to push through a new gun registry.

They will demonize law-abiding gun owners, while doing nothing about gang crime and gun violence in Canada’s cities.

If the Liberals truly believed that was a good approach for Canada to take, they wouldn’t need to buttress it with lies.

By lying, and by lying repeatedly, the Liberal government demonstrate their lack of confidence in their ideas and policies.

And if they don’t have confidence in what they impose on the country, why should anybody else?

Spencer Fernando

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