In Canada, The Media Holds The Opposition Accountable & Politicians Blame The Public For Anger & Division

Seems a bit backwards, no?

Why would a federal government seek to bail out the establishment media?

What purpose does it serve?

What benefit do they get?

Is it about altruism?

Of course not, since altruism would be using your own money to support a cause or organization, rather than taking taxpayer money.

So clearly, those in power see an interest in bailing out the media and making it dependent on the state.

And that’s the point right there:


The more the media is dependent on government – particularly a Liberal-NDP government that gives them money – the more they will seek to skew coverage and keep that government in power.

This – along with the personal biases of many establishment media personalities – is why we observe such a strange phenomenon in Canada:

The media holds the opposition accountable, rather than holding the government accountable.

It’s the inevitable result of the media becoming dependent on government: All establishment media becomes State-run media.

Of course, it happens to varying degrees and not all at once, but the trend line is clear.

Blaming the public for being angry over divisive politicians and failed policies

Alongside the increased state control of the media is the trend of blaming the public for responding to the results of failed government policy, rather than focusing on the politicians and institutions who imposed those policies.

For example, the establishment expects us to believe that politicians like Justin Trudeau can demonize their critics, call people names, restrict our rights and freedoms, make life less and less affordable, all without people getting angry?

And when people do get angry, they get further demonized?

It’s completely backwards.

It used to be understood that if a country was becoming more and more divided, and if public anger was rising, that it represented a serious failure on the part of those in charge.

But with so much of the media dependent on the state, that has been completely flipped around.

The more the government fails, the more their policies are exposed as hurting the Canadian People, the more all the focus goes on the opposition and the more the public is demonized for ‘daring’ to be upset.

In a way, it mirrors a dysfunctional family or organization.

Often, the person who gets hated on the most will be the one who points out problems, because those who benefit from the dysfunction don’t want it to end.

That’s what we see in Canada today, where the federal government, Bank of Canada, and establishment media all benefit from the way things currently are, and are desperate to stop anyone from truly representing the vast majority of Canadians who don’t benefit from the status quo.

Thus, they seek to minimize the justified anger of the public, without ever asking where that anger comes from.

Of course, that only deepens the anger, because the underlying causes are ignored and the real problems go unresolved.

In many ways, it has elements of an abusive relationship, with the government mistreating people and then gaslighting them when they respond to that mistreatment. It is a clear sign of how far our democracy has fallen.

Canadians deserve far better than this.

Spencer Fernando


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