Fast & Furious: Ed Fast Out As CPC Finance Critic

Being the co-chair of Jean Charest’s campaign and the CPC finance critic was clearly untenable, something made clear after Fast criticized Pierre Poilievre.

Earlier today, Ed Fast criticized Pierre Poilievre:

“The independence of one of our key monetary institutions is critical, and I would be very careful about tampering with that institution,” says Conservative MP Ed Fast as he responds to leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre’s vow to fire the Bank of Canada governor.

Fast seemed to be giving the impression that his criticism was in the context of his role as CPC finance critic.

The problem with that is Fast is the co-chair of Jean Charest’s campaign.

Thus, it appeared to many that Fast was attempting to push Charest’s messaging while veiling it behind his official CPC role.

Here’s what I said at the time:

“Fast’s willingness to use his CPC critic role – a role that should be unbiased in regards to the leadership contest – in order to try and tilt the campaign in Charest’s favour is unacceptable, and will only further destroy the already-dwindling trust many CPC members feel towards the upper echelon of the CPC brass.

For that reason, Fast should be removed from the finance critic role, and be replaced by someone who is unconnected to any of the leadership campaigns.”

Gone Fast

Now, that is indeed what has happened.

Fast is out as CPC finance critic.

The move was announced by CPC leader Candice Bergen.

In a statement, Bergen’s office said the following:

“Hon. Ed Fast informed me today that he will be stepping away from his duties as Conservative Shadow Finance Minister.

“Ed has publicly stated his support for one of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership candidates and would like to be able to offer more dedicated support to that team.

“I want to thank Ed for his many years of service to our Party and our caucus. While he won’t be serving in an official capacity, I know Ed will continue to be a valued member of our team and our caucus.

“I will be announcing a replacement for Finance Shadow Minister shortly.”

This is a move that needed to happen.

Having Fast remain in his role would have given the appearance that the upper echelon of the CPC was trying to tip the scales in Charest’s favour, and would cause further party division and anger.

Fast is absolutely free to support whomever he wants, but that support should be clear and obvious, not veiled behind a title that gives the impression of official party backing.

Of course, it’s almost certain that Fast was ‘asked to resign,’ showing that Bergen’s office recognized how bad this all looked and took quick action to remedy the situation.

With a huge percentage of the CPC base supporting Pierre Poilievre, having party officials attack the frontrunner does immense damage to the party, and the sooner it’s dealt with the better.

This also shows why people like us need to keep speaking out and fighting for the truth.

It’s a certainty that our outrage and willingness to point out the hypocrisy of Fast being both the Charest campaign co-chair and CPC finance critic was a key factor in how quickly he was removed from the post.

Spencer Fernando

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