Poilievre Calls For Immediate Action To Lower Gas Prices

Will the Liberal government continue to purposely push gas prices higher and higher, or will they listen to Poilievre’s suggestions?

With gas prices surging amid massive inflation, more and more Canadians are waking up to the role the Liberal government has played in deliberately driving up those prices.

The carbon tax is a huge culprit, as it is an inflationary policy designed to make energy – and everything else – more expensive.

This means that since the government plays a role in driving up gas prices, they can easily reverse those policies to bring them down and make things more affordable for Canadians.

And that’s exactly what CPC leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre is calling for.

Poilievre has put forward three ideas on how the Liberal government can bring down gas prices:

Get rid of the carbon tax

Suspend the federal gas tax

Suspend the Goods & Services Tax on fuel

These proposals have the benefit of being easily & rapidly implemented, and are known to work.

The government could easily suspend the gas tax and remove the GST from gasoline.

And removing the carbon tax would be easy as well.

Further, it is obvious that these ideas would bring down the price of gasoline. Removing a tax from the cost of a good or service makes that good or service less expensive.

Liberals on the defensive

In addition to being workable ideas, Poilievre’s proposals put the Liberals on the defensive.

Poilievre has brought attention to the fact that there are simple things the Liberal government could do to lower gas prices and make life more affordable for Canadians.

If they choose not to do that, it will make it clear that the Liberals are obsessed with pushing an ideological agenda at the expense of the finances of Canadians.

By refusing to take simple actions that could lower gas prices, the Liberal government further confirms that they are deliberately seeking to push gas prices even higher.

Rather than seek to help Canadians, the Liberal government wants gas prices to go higher and higher to make Canadians drive less and become more dependent on the government.

Instead of persuasion, the Liberals are attempting to use financial coercion to force Canadians to make the choices the Liberals see as ‘right.’

The Liberals have – with the help of the media – long avoided admitting this, knowing it would be deeply unpopular among Canadians.

But now, the Liberals will have to go on the record in opposition to Poilievre’s proposals to lower gas prices, and will reveal their true agenda to Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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