The More The Establishment Dismisses The Concerns Of Canadians, The More Angry Our Nation Will Become

Many in the upper echelons of the political class and media are doing just fine, and mistakenly assume that their success allows them to arrogantly dismisses the struggles of others.

Is the main problem facing Canada the rising level of public anger, or is it the conditions that have led to that anger?

How our nation answers that question will go a long way towards deciding what future we have.

If the political and media establishment get their way, all the focus will be on the anger.

Those who are angry will be demonized, silenced, ostracized, and blamed for the problems Canada faces, while those problems will go unsolved.

Conversely, if we focus on the causes of the rising level of anger, we will address real problems, reduce divisions, and move on from this angry moment.

At this moment, an affordable and financially independent life is slipping further and further away for millions of Canadians. People have every right to be angry.

The problem of course is that the political and media establishment benefit from the way things are now, and have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Thus, they are unable and unwilling to focus on core issues, and instead seek to distract the populace by blaming struggling Canadians for being justifiably angry.

Media establishment picks demonization over productive solutions

Given that much of the media is now merely an extension of the government propaganda apparatus and is financially dependent on the Liberals staying in power, it’s no surprise that they’ve chosen to demonize those who oppose the status quo.

We can see this in the endless stream of anti-Poilievre content being sent out by the establishment press.

The latest example is the Toronto Star claiming Poilievre is going to attack the voting system:

Notice how this works:

When Poilievre calls for democratic accountability at the Bank of Canada, that’s ‘dangerous’.

But he is then simultaneously accused of planning to attack democracy.

Which is it?

As Alex Brown of the National Citizens Coalition stated, this shows the true extent of state control over the media:

“For those who aren’t well-versed on Canada’s problem with state-subsidized media: this journalist literally serves as a “Trudeau mentor” for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation.

You can’t make this up:”

Dismissing anger only makes it worse

Because of all the government money they’ve received, much of the establishment media is doing just fine financially – so long as the Liberals stay in power and keep funneling our tax dollars to their chosen media ‘partners.’

So, they can’t relate to the struggles of many Canadians, and are scared that if struggling Canadians reject the status quo they’ll lose out on all the taxpayer money that’s flowing their way.

As a result, there is an increasingly dangerous cycle occurring, where the worse things get the more the establishment media demonizes those who are struggling, which leads to more anger, which leads to more demonization, more anger, and so on.

But we know that dismissing anger, and demonizing those who are angry only makes the anger worse.

The same polarization that the government and media claim to oppose is being caused by the failed policies of the government and by the way the media fails to see anger as legitimate.

Two very different paths

With all of this in mind, it’s clear that the CPC leadership race, and the subsequent general election, will determine whether Canada actually addresses our real problems, or whether our arrogant and failed political and media establishment retain their power at the expense of our nation descending into further stagnation, division, and anger.

Spencer Fernando


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