In Wake Of Unanimous Ruling Siding With Mass Killers Over Law-Abiding Canadians, The Supreme Court Must Be Politicized

If the court wants to make rulings that go so strongly against what many Canadians believe, Canadians will have no choice but to use the political process to politicize and influence the composition of the court based on ideological alignment.

Canada’s Supreme Court must become a politicized and partisan institution.

To say this is to cause some to go crazy, since there is a naïve attitude in this country that the Supreme Court is magically ‘above politics.’

But of course, nobody and certainly no institution is ‘above politics.’

In reality, the Supreme Court of Canada is extremely political, but they and the political establishment hide that fact.

The Supreme Court of Canada has a clear ideology, and it’s an ideology that puts compassion for criminals ahead of compassion for law-abiding Canadians.

We saw this when they ruled that voluntary intoxication could be used as a defense even for violent crime.

And we saw it again today, when the Supreme Court ruled that life without parole was ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment for Alexandre Bissonnette.

Notice how they don’t talk about how Bissonnette’s actions were ‘cruel and unusual’, despite the fact that he killed six innocent people who were worshipping at a Mosque in Quebec City.

It was a unanimous decision, and will also apply to other mass murders.

This means the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously agreed to make it easier for mass killers to get out of jail and walk freely among you and your family.

As always, the broken system reserves all of its compassion for criminals, leaving victims and law-abiding Canadians out in the cold again and again and again.

Politicize the court with honest debate

So, as we can clearly see, the Supreme Court is already heavily political. It’s dominated by a far-left, pro-criminal, anti-personal responsibility ideology.

As a result, if Canadians want common sense to return to the justice system, we must politicize the Supreme Court in a public, open, and honest way.

First, the point must be made to Canadians that it’s time to start clearly vetting the ideological beliefs of potential top justices.

Conservatives should be looking at potential Supreme Court candidates and ensuring that those they appoint to the court will stand up for victims and law-abiding Canadians, and will strengthen punishments for mass killers.

This must all be brought out into the open, it must be made clear that the Supreme Court appointment process will become more ideological, more political, and far more open to the public.

The Supreme Court appointment process needs to be more democratic and prospective top justices must make their views fully clear to the Canadian People, so we don’t end up with horrendous decisions like the ones we’ve been seeing lately.

If you agree that the Supreme Court of Canada has failed the country and that it must become far more politicized, share this article far and wide to help begin the process of pushing back against the increasingly insane and broken system.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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