Why Does Our System Reserve All Of Its Compassion For Criminals?

There’s nothing truly compassionate about ignoring and even worsening the suffering of those who are victimized by criminals.

It is becoming more and more clear that Canada is suffering from an epidemic of a refusal to take responsibility, combined with completely misdirected compassion.

Much of our government and key institutions have rejected the idea of personal responsibility, and seek to cast blame everywhere except where it actually belongs.

We see this most clearly in our ‘justice’ system.

As I wrote earlier, the Supreme Court of Canada has recently ruled that voluntary intoxication – someone choosing to impair themselves using drugs and/or alcohol – is a viable defense even in cases of violent assaults.

They also just ruled that mass killers can be eligible for parole after 25 years.

Giving criminals a free pass while punishing law-abiding Canadians

This attitude also extends to crime more broadly in Canada.

The Liberals are constantly exploiting tragedies in the US to call for more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners, even as gun crime in Canada is mainly due to gangs and illegally smuggled weapons.

Law-abiding Canadian gun owners aren’t the source of gun crime in Canada, yet they are the ones targeted over and over by the Liberal government.

Meanwhile, in urban areas, those who commit crimes are often spoken of as if they are ‘victims of society,’ and can’t be held accountable for their actions.

It’s completely backwards.

Compassionate energy must be directed appropriately

This all comes down to the fact that compassion – like any kind of emotional energy – must be appropriately directed.

A society that directs that energy towards criminals at the expense of those who are victimized isn’t actually a compassionate place at all, because misguided compassion creates more suffering.

The families of the innocent people killed in the Quebec City Mosque shooting will have to attend parole hearings starting 25 years from now. They will essentially be revictimized over and over again, all because the Canadian Supreme Court that a mass killer deserved more compassion.

Likewise, victims of gang-crime are being ignored by the system, as more and more money and attention is directed at law-abiding gun owners rather than the criminals who are actually victimizing people.

There is a lot of suffering in our world, and that suffering requires compassion and empathy. But we must first direct that compassion and empathy towards the true victims, and implement laws that reflect that, instead of letting our institutions virtue-signal at the expense of human decency and common sense.

Spencer Fernando


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