Liberals Ridiculed After Claiming They’re Making “Life More Affordable For Canadians”

What to believe? Liberal propaganda, or the evidence all around us?

When a political party reaches a certain level of failure, they are reduced to simply pretending to live in an alternate reality.

And as the failure of Liberal economic policy becomes increasingly apparent to Canadians, the Liberals are indeed retreating into a fantasy land.

Take a look at this shockingly tone-deaf and out-of-touch Tweet from the official Liberal Party account:

“Since 2015 the Liberal team has been working to make life more affordable for Canadians, including by:

🏠 Building more homes
🧸 Making $10-a-day child care a reality
🧩 Creating the CCB for Canadian families
❌ Cutting taxes for the middle class”

The Liberals are simply pretending that life is more affordable, even as all the evidence says otherwise.

In response, Kris Sims of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation shared the following chart, detailing the actual reality Canadians are facing:

“Life is more affordable than in 2015?

You should probably get our of your bubble, drive for 90 minutes in any direction and walk around and talk to people and ask them if they think life is more affordable now than it was in 2015.”


Massive shift in home prices relative to disposable income coincides with implementation of Liberal policies

That’s not the only chart that demonstrates the immense failure of Trudeau’s economic policies.

On Twitter, @brettdrc shared a chart showing how dramatically Canada’s home prices have risen compared to prices in the United States:


As you can see, the divergence really picked up as Liberal economic policies were implemented.

Those policies were enabled by immense money ‘printing’ by the Bank of Canada.

And this makes perfect sense.

The Liberals have been pushing an agenda that is explicitly against ‘real’ economic growth, as they’ve sought to weaken and hold back the energy sector, raise taxes on individuals, families, and businesses, and have made Canada a less and less productive place.

So, when the system is flooded with money while productivity growth is strangled, asset bubbles and distortions are inevitable.

Canada’s ‘growth’ has thus been fake, based upon inflated asset prices, and unsustainable increases in government spending.

Fake growth is soon exposed, either in outright recession or in prices rising so rapidly that people become poorer and poorer in real terms – a recession disguised by inflation.

Either way, Canadians are now suffering due to the failed economic policies of the Trudeau Liberals.

Too much ego

From an intellectual standpoint, there are surely people in the Liberal Party who know how to reverse much of this damage. They could eliminate the carbon tax, restrain government spending, lift taxes on gasoline & diesel, and encourage municipalities to incentivize increased homebuilding in exchange for federal funding.

But that would represent a complete reversal of the current Liberal policy agenda, and it seems that would be too big a blow to the egos of Justin Trudeau, Chrystia Freeland, Jagmeet Singh, and the other statists running the government.

So, the Liberals – along with the NDP – will continue to impose policies that make life more and more expensive for Canadians, all while spreading disinformation to claim the opposite.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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