Pierre Poilievre Introduces Legislation To End Federal Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates & Travel Bans

Bill C-278 would also ban future federal Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

When it comes to opposing Covid-19 vaccine mandates, Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre is more than talking the talk.

He’s walking the walk.

Poilievre has introduced Bill C-278 as a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament.

The legislation would do two things.

First, it would end current federal Covid-19 vaccine mandates, meaning that workers in the federal government could not be fired for not having a Covid-19 vaccine.

And second, it would end all federal Covid-19 travel bans, meaning the elimination of Trudeau’s draconian and vindictive travel restrictions.

Here is the official summary of the proposed legislation:

“This enactment amends the Financial Administration Act to provide that the Treasury Board may not require as a condition of employment in the federal public administration that a person receive a vaccine against COVID-19. It also amends the Canada Labour Code to provide that regulations may not be made that require, as a term or condition of employment in or in connection with the operation of a federal work, undertaking or business, that a person receive a vaccine against COVID-19.

In addition, the enactment amends the Aeronautics Act, the Railway Safety Act and the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 to provide that no regulation, order or other instrument made under any of those Acts to prevent the introduction or spread of COVID-19 may prohibit or have the effect of prohibiting a person from boarding an aircraft, a train or a vessel solely on the ground that they have not received a vaccine against that disease.”

This means Poilievre’s legislation would also prevent future Covid-19 vaccine mandates from being imposed.

That is quite important, because Justin Trudeau is already fear-mongering about variants in the fall.

Poilievre has accurately deduced that Justin Trudeau is unwilling to give up the expanded power and control that governments have grabbed amid Covid-19, and his legislation will force MPs to go on the record as to whether they want Canada to move on from the pandemic, or remain mired in draconian restrictions and divisive mandates.

Poilievre opponents purposely misinterpreting his legislation

On Twitter, many of Poilievre’s opponents – particularly in the establishment media – have been purposely misinterpreting his proposed legislation.

They are claiming that Poilievre is against all vaccination, even though Bill C-278 is solely focused on Covid-19.

Additionally, they are ignoring the fact that someone can be pro-vaccination and also believe in respecting people’s personal choice of whether to be vaccinated or not.

Poilievre has taken a strong pro-freedom stance by introducing real, tangible legislation to end Covid-19 vaccine mandates and travel restrictions, so it’s no surprise that the big government statists are angry at him.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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