WATCH: Liberal MPs Caught Removing Masks When They Think Cameras Aren’t On Them

It’s all theatre.

As a writer it pains me to say this, but there is a lot of truth to the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

We can read all we want about how the Liberals are engaged in ongoing ‘mask theatre,’ but the picture – or in this case the video – says it all:

“Mask theatrics on full display in the House of Commons:

When these Liberal MPs think the camera is off, their mask is off — until they realize they’re on TV, then it goes on.”

Even the little laugh from Iqra Khalid demonstrates that she knows it’s all a big joke.

Unfortunately, that joke is being played on Canadians.

The Liberals continue to use fear-based messaging to maintain the vaccine mandates and travel bans.

This has made Canada an outlier in much of the world, with draconian measures that are depriving millions of Canadians of their rights.

Just as with the Emergencies Act, the Liberals are basing all of this on falsehood.

Trudeau has also repeatedly engaged in mask theatre, most recently gathering in Los Angeles maskless:

“This picture was taken yesterday. Trying to interpret the PM’s mask policy is not unlike watching a wind vane…”

Look at their actions, not words

The best way to see what is happening is to look at how Trudeau and the Liberals are acting, rather than what they are saying.

While they’re claiming to still be worried about a pandemic, their behaviour demonstrates that they aren’t concerned at all.

Instead, Trudeau and the Liberals are using covid as an excuse to punish their ideological opponents and expand their power.

When wearing masks serves their political purposes, they wear them.

When they think they aren’t being watched, they take them off.

It’s complete and total hypocrisy, and that alone should demonstrate to Canadians how unfit the Liberals are to govern.

They are dividing our nation, taking away the rights of millions of Canadians, wrecking the economy, and treating it all as a mere joke.

Canadians need to realize that the Liberal government isn’t on our side.

They have total contempt for the Canadian People, and their mask theatre is only the latest way that contempt has manifested itself.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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