Has Jagmeet Singh Forgotten He Made A Deal To Keep Justin Trudeau In Power?

The NDP leader continually acts as if he hasn’t completely sold out to the Trudeau Liberals.

While this question may seem like it’s in jest, it needs to be asked:

Has Jagmeet Singh forgotten that he made a deal with Justin Trudeau to keep the Liberals in power until 2025?

I ask this because Singh’s recent statements give every indication that he has zero idea what he has done.

This is what Singh has been saying on social media:

“Cdns are struggling to feed their families, while corporations make record breaking profits

On May 18th when the NDP presented a motion to help families instead of corporations – Liberals and Conservatives voted no

When times are tough – Govts should help ppl not corporations”

“Cdns are depending on the govnt to take immediate action You and your family deserve more New Democrats will continue pushing the Liberals & Conservatives to do better and support Cdn families”

There’s more.

Singh is claiming the Liberals – who he has backed until 2025 – are refusing to take action on the rising cost-of-living:

“Gas, groceries, and rent prices are skyrocketing ⬆️

While New Democrats are fighting to put people before corporate profits

The Liberals refuse to take action to help Canadians

And the Conservatives? Well, they’re busy protecting the profits of their well-connected friends”

What’s going on with the NDP?

In the recent Ontario election, the NDP lost a large number of votes and seats, largely due to perceptions that they had abandoned working-class people.

Jagmeet Singh attended some campaign rallies during the election, and received a less-than-positive welcome.

Many Sikh Canadians were highly critical of Singh, and he fled one event where he was being denounced as a sell-out.

Many of the politicians Singh campaigned for in the Ontario election were also defeated.

This demonstrates the immense political miscalculation Singh has made by selling out to Justin Trudeau.

Singh seems unable to learn from the past. He has failed to remember that Justin Trudeau convinced Singh to squander the NDPs pro-civil-liberties reputation by voting for the authoritarian imposition of the Emergencies Act, before rescinding it not long after – humiliating Singh and the NDP.

How can Singh possibly have any credibility on inflation or anything else when he’s propping the Liberals up all the way until 2025?

By selling out to Trudeau, Singh owns the political consequences of Liberal failures, and his complicit in those failures.

Liberal-NDP policies are making inflation worse and robbing Canadians of our purchasing power.

The Liberals feel emboldened to continue pushing their high-tax, high-spending, high-inflation agenda because they know that Singh is backing them.

So, while Jagmeet Singh may be somehow unaware of the deal he made with Trudeau, Canadians are well aware of it because we are the ones paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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