It’s No Coincidence The Liberals Are Suspending Vaccine Mandates Just As Trudeau’s Hypocrisy Became Completely Undefendable

Trudeau going to the US and then coming back to Canada with Covid and being able to evade the rules and procedures that apply to the rest of us made the continued mandates politically untenable for the Liberal government to maintain. But don’t mistake their move as a matter of principle.

The Liberal government is finally halting their unscientific and vindictive vaccine mandates for travel.

Beginning June 20, Canadians will not have to be vaccinated to board planes, trains, and busses for domestic or international travel.

Mandates will continue to apply on cruise ships.

Mask mandates remain in place, and people will still have to use the ArriveCAN app.

The government also says they may bring the mandates back if case counts rise again.

So, why are they doing this?

Is this a newfound belief in freedom among the Trudeau cabinet?

Of course not.

It’s all political.

The real driving force for the suspension of the mandates seems to be Trudeau’s own undefendable hypocrisy.

On Twitter, Peter McCaffrey explained it perfectly:

“The Prime Minister is triple-vaccinated and has already had COVID.

Yet, he caught it again while overseas, was able to re-enter Canada *with COVID*, and only tested positive after getting home.

Tell me again how all the security theatre at the border is working?”

After all of that, Trudeau still got Covid again.

And he was allowed to enter Canada without being tested prior to entry.

The rules don’t apply to him.

Of course, Trudeau also didn’t have to deal with chaos at the airports.

The Liberals clearly realized how bad all of this looks.

It made all of their policies look completely useless, and again demonstrated how arrogant and elitist Trudeau is personally, exempting himself from the authoritarian and draconian rules he imposes on everyone else.

Politics, not principle

So, you can see how this is all about politics, not principle.

When the Liberals saw an opportunity to gain votes in the 2021 election by demonizing unvaccinated Canadians and taking rights away from millions of people, they did so.

Now that the political winds have shifted and Trudeau’s hypocrisy is obvious for all to see, they are going to ‘suspend’ the draconian mandates.

A government led by a hypocritical ‘leader’ that is willing to play so fast and loose with the rights of Canadians is a government that has no right to lead this country.

Time and time again, Justin Trudeau has proven himself completely unworthy of the position of PM, and his disgusting hypocrisy is the latest example of that.

Canadians must always remember the damage the Liberals have done with their vindictive mandates, and Trudeau must face political punishment at the ballot box.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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