VIDEO: Under Tough Questioning From MP Larry Brock, Liberals Prove Completely Unable To Defend Use Of Emergencies Act

The narrative crumbles…

Earlier, I wrote about how the lies of the Liberals on the Emergencies Act have completely fallen apart.

“With Marco Mendicino’s lies having fully run their course and ended up completely discredited, the Trudeau Liberals are now changing their story on the Emergencies Act.”

A key reason their narrative has crumbled is that Chrystia Freeland was unable to provide anything even resembling legitimate answers while being questioned by Conservative MP Larry Brock.

Brock effectively went through the timeline of CBC’s false and retracted claim that the Freedom Convoy was funded by foreign donors.

As we know, Freeland repeatedly referenced that false CBC claim as justification for invoking the Emergencies Act and seizing the Bank accounts of Canadian Citizens.

Like in authoritarian states, the government used state-funded and state-controlled media propaganda outlets to put false information out into the public, and then ‘act’ upon that false information in order to restrict rights and freedoms and punish those who oppose the current party in power.

After laying out the timeline, Brock then asked Freeland very simple and easy-to-answer questions, as to whether she was aware of the report, and aware of the fact that the report was false.

As you can see in the video below, Freeland repeatedly evaded the questions, complained about the questioning, and did everything possible to avoid admitting what Canadians now know to be the truth:

The Liberals used false information to take away the rights and freedoms of Canadians, lying while they did and lying repeatedly afterwards as well.

I encourage you to share the video below as far and wide as you can, to help spread the word on the despicable dishonesty of the Trudeau Liberals and the danger of their anti-Canadian, anti-freedom agenda:

Additional note:

Brock also managed to get Bill Blair to admit that Marco Mendicino lied when he falsely claimed arson attempts were linked to the Freedom Convoy:

“Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair admits that Marco Mendicino misled Canadians when Mendicino linked the Freedom Convoy to the arson attempt in Ottawa.”

Spencer Fernando

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