WATCH: Poilievre Vs Trudeau In Question Period

Conservative front-runner slams Liberal lies and attacks on freedom, while Trudeau doubles-down on dishonesty.

In a possible preview of Question Period for years to come, CPC leadership race front-runner Pierre Poilievre faced off with Justin Trudeau.

Poilievre slammed public safety minister Marco Mendicino, with the minister being fully exposed as having lied to the Canadian People about police asking for the Emergencies Act.

Poilievre demanded to know if Trudeau would fire Mendicino:

“Conservative leadership candidate and MP @PierrePoilievre goes head-to-head with PM Justin Trudeau, demanding to know why Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has not been fired after misleading Canadians about the invocation of the Emergencies Act.”

In response, Justin Trudeau doubled-down on dishonesty, making more of the same discredited claims about the Freedom Convoy that have gotten the Liberals into so much trouble in the first place.

Poilievre fights back

The back and forth between Poilievre & Trudeau demonstrates why Poilievre is the front-runner in the CPC leadership race.

Trudeau and the Liberals are used to setting the terms of debate without resistance.

When he attacked the Freedom Convoy, he expects his political opponents to concede to his framing.

Yet, Poilievre refuses to do so.

Poilievre defended the truckers, and went after Trudeau’s dishonesty and hypcorisy.

It’s that kind of willingness to fight back and to propose a counter-narrative to the Liberal message that has generated such strong support for Poilievre, and it’s why the Liberals and establishment media are so desperate to stop Poilievre from becoming CPC leader.

By contrast, politicians like Patrick Brown & Jean Charest prefer to concede to the Liberal worldview.

Charest and Brown seem to have spent more time attacking the Freedom Convoy than they have going after Justin Trudeau, showing how fundamentally out-of-touch they are with the CPC base.

Additionally, the fact that Poilievre is in Parliament and is thus able to propose legislation and confront Trudeau directly keeps his profile high, while Charest and Brown lack that ability.

If the current predictions of CPC membership numbers are anywhere close to being accurate, we can expect to see Poilievre facing off with Trudeau in Question Period quite often in the years to come.

Spencer Fernando

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