Patrick Brown Loses Campaign Co-Chair

Brown also recently lost half of his Caucus endorsements.

The Patrick Brown campaign continues to struggle.

After launching unhinged Trudeau-style attacks against Pierre Poilievre, Brown’s campaign lost half of his CPC Caucus supporters, when two MPs switched to Poilievre.

Now, he’s lost his campaign co-chair.

CPC MP Michelle Rempel Garner is stepping back from involvement in the CPC leadership race to ponder a run for the United Conservative Party leadership in Alberta, a vacancy created when Jason Kenney said he would resign.

“6/ I will make my decision based on the conversations I have with the people I represent – Albertans. As such, I will no longer be participating in the federal Conservative leadership race so that I can focus on how to best serve my province.”

Brown confirmed the loss of his campaign co-chair on Twitter:

“I want to wish my friend Michelle Rempel Garner the best as she embarks upon deliberations on her future. She has served Canada well and will continue to serve in whatever role is next. We’ll miss you Michelle, but thanks for your contribution to our campaign.”

More disasters for the Brown campaign

As if the loss of his campaign co-chair isn’t enough, the Brown campaign is facing more scandals.

The Poilievre campaign has raised allegations that the Brown campaign paid for people’s memberships.

CPC MP Tim Uppal – the national campaign co-chair for Poilievre – has sent a letter to the head of the leadership election organizing committee about “concerning membership sales practices.”

“In the complaint letter obtained by National Post, Uppal said that the Poilievre campaign received “repeated reports” that people claiming to be organizing for the Brown campaign were arranging to reimburse membership fees in cash to those who agreed to join the party using the Brown campaign’s web portal.

“As described to us, the individual would join the party using his or her own credit card, and would be reimbursed by the organizer using funds supplied by the organizer,” wrote Uppal.

The letter adds that Arpan Khanna, Ontario co-chair of the Poilievre campaign, was “approached” by members of the South Asian community “who reported being offered reimbursement of membership fees and additional financial inducements” in return for joining the party.

Community members provided Khanna copies of messages sent via the social media app WhatsApp that allegedly showed Brown supporters offering to refund fees for those who signed up for memberships in support of Brown. Screenshots of the messages are attached to Uppal’s complaint letter”

The CPC is investigating the allegations, which are as yet unproven.

And that’s not all.

Brampton criticism

Brown is still the Mayor of Brampton, and he’s facing criticism from Deputy Mayor’s and Councillors over allegedly using taxpayer-funded staff for his campaign:


Scandal, division, and a Trudeau-style worldview

It seems more and more CPC members are seeing what you and I can see clearly based on all of this:

Patrick Brown offers up endless potential scandal, division, and a Trudeau-style worldview that attacks Conservatives rather than confronting the destructive Trudeau-Singh agenda.

That’s an offer Conservatives should reject.

Spencer Fernando

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