The Liberals Can’t Fight Inflation Because They Want Higher Inflation

All of their policies have been designed to drive up the cost-of-living and take money out of your pocket. Fighting inflation would require a complete reversal of course, something Trudeau & Freeland are unwilling to do.

If you wanted to design a policy to deliberately drive up inflation, it would look a lot like the carbon tax.

It raises the cost-of-everything.

It filters throughout the entire economy, putting pressure on fuel costs and transportation costs.

It imposes burdens on companies, who have to raise prices to stay profitable.

It makes life more expensive for everyday Canadians, who pay more for food, clothes, housing, and everything else.

And, it goes up year after year after year, locking in higher and higher inflation.

Then, if you really wanted to make things worse, you would try to weaken your homegrown energy sector, to drive up the cost-of-energy and make us more dependent on foreign countries.

Add on to that support for lockdowns and restrictions, plus massive deficits and massive debt-financed increases in spending, and you would have put in place the perfect recipe for higher inflation.

And, to top it all off, you could then benefit politically from inflation by trying to blame ‘greedy companies’ and reap a windfall in ‘tax revenues’ denominated in a currency that is rapidly losing purchasing power.

Inflation and statism

There’s a reason that statists like the Liberals & NDP want higher inflation – regardless of what they may claim.

Inflation steals your purchasing power away, and effectively transfers some of your financial power to the government.

It’s a stealth tax, and that leads many to blame the easily-noticed aspect – higher prices – rather than the cause – money printing, taxes, and excessive government spending.

Governments also love to ‘monetize’ debt with inflation, making it easier for the government to downplay the impact of higher debt levels while transferring the economic pain to individual Canadians and Canadian families.

Freeland’s plan

With all of that in our minds, we can see that the Liberals want higher inflation.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Chrystia Freeland’s ‘inflation fighting plan’ relies on higher spending and will actually make inflation worse.

Here’s part of what Freeland announced:

“We know that Canadians are worried about inflation and that they’re asking what their government is going to do about it. That’s why we have a new Affordability Plan — $8.9 billion in new support this year — that is going to put more money in the pockets of Canadians at a time when they need it most.”

So, the Liberals plan to ‘solve’ a problem caused by spending more money, while refusing to eliminate the carbon tax, and refusing to suspend the gas tax.

They will only make it worse.

“Freeland’s spending pours gas on inflation fire— #JustinFlation


1. End money-printing deficits
2. Axe the carbon tax & suspend gas taxes
3. Replace the central bank Governor
4. Make more of what cash buys: energy, housing, food.”

And that’s the entire point.

The Liberals refuse to change course

For the Liberals to actually fight inflation, they would need to completely change course.

They would need to cut taxes, reduce spending, and eliminate the carbon tax.

They won’t do any of that, because doing so would be an admission that their current economic policies are a key reason inflation is so high.

As a result, Canadians are going to subjected to a higher and higher cost-of-living as the Liberals double-down on their inflationary plan.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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