Jagmeet Singh Forgets He’s Keeping Trudeau In Power Again, Then Proposes ‘Plan’ That Would Make Inflation Even Worse

Seriously, is Singh somehow unaware of the deal he made?

This may sound like a broken record, but is Jagmeet Singh still completely unaware that he made a deal with Trudeau?

In one of the weirdest aspects of Canadian politics as of late, the NDP leader acts as if he is in the opposition, despite having done a deal with Trudeau to keep the Liberals in power until 2025.

That deal means the NDP is effectively a part of the Liberal government, keeping the Liberals in power for years, and giving them a free hand largely devoid of accountability.

And yet, Singh keeps saying things like this:

“The Liberal government is taking billions more in GST because of inflation.

Their plan to send Canadians $7 more in GST rebates isn’t enough.

New Democrats are calling for a $500 rebate for everyday Canadians.”

Let’s address this one by one.

First, Singh had a chance to vote for a temporary halt on the gas tax to make life more affordable.

He, along with the Liberals, voted against it.

Singh has had multiple chances to vote against the carbon tax.

Instead, he and the Liberals voted to keep the carbon tax.

Singh has supported Trudeau’s inflationary policies, and has repeatedly called for even more government spending.

Singh is complicit in the policies that have harmed Canadians economically

Based on what we read above, Singh bears much of the responsibility for the economic damage Canadians are feeling.

Singh has supported all the policies that have made life more expensive, and has voted against tax reductions that could have made a difference.

When Singh pretends to oppose Trudeau despite propping him up, it just makes him look as if he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

Making things worse

As I wrote in a previous article, statists want higher inflation because it shifts financial power away from Canadians and towards the government.

It also puts the burden of a rising debt onto Canadians who lose our purchasing power, and fills up the government coffers.

Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh don’t actually want to reduce inflation, which is why all of their ‘fixes’ for inflation would make it worse.

We’ve already seen the Liberal ‘plan’ for inflation is to spend about $8 billion, further adding to inflationary government spending.

And Jagmeet Singh’s plan to ‘give’ $500 to every Canadian would also make inflation worse.

There’s a reason you can’t make everyone rich by just giving out endless amounts of money, because wealth only has real meaning in relation to what it can buy, which means real tangible things must be produced.

Countries like Zimbabwe were full of ‘millionaires’ in their own currencies, but those currencies were so worthless that it took millions of dollars to buy a meal.

Singh shows total economic illiteracy by claiming that giving out $500 at a time of high inflation would do anything other than worsen inflation.

Of course, economic illiteracy combined with an unawareness of his own actions seems to Jagmeet Singh’s specialty.

Spencer Fernando

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