TAKING AWAY YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY: Chrystia Freeland Gloats About Liberals Increasing Carbon Taxes Amid Surging Inflation

The Liberals are purposely taking your money away from you, making life more expensive, and trying to rob you of your financial freedom.

As we’ve seen, it’s clear that Justin Trudeau has complete hate and contempt for Canadians who disagree with him.

And now, it’s clear that Chrystia Freeland shares that same contemptous attitude towards the vast majority of Canadians who are struggling amid surging inflation.

In the video below, watch as Chrystia Freeland gloats about the Liberals raising your taxes year after year after year even as inflation goes higher and higher:

“Chrystia Freeland brags to an IMF hosted panel about increasing the carbon tax despite record high cost of living and gas prices for CDNs:

“we increased it this year, even in the face of higher inflation, and to me that shows meaningful commitment”

This is elitism at its worst.

Chrystia Freeland isn’t impacted by higher carbon taxes, since she gets a big taxpayer-funded salary, and since the Liberals increased the pay of the political class.

Freeland and her cronies also fly around the world on the taxpayer’s dime so they can gloat to elitist crowds about how they are making life worse for Canadians.

And make no mistake, that is exactly what Freeland is talking about here.

Inflation is robbing you and all Canadians of our purchasing power, and the carbon tax is a purposely inflationary policy.

It is designed explicitly to make things more and more expensive.

So, for Freeland to be bragging about increasing the carbon tax means she’s bragging about taking more of your hard-earned money out of your pocket.

And that’s the big problem.

Politicians like Trudeau & Freeland & Singh don’t see your money as your money.

They see it as the governments money, and they think your hard-earned money should be taken from you and put under their control so they can play their utopian power-obsessed games.

Freeland’s arrogance and elitism is matched only by her incompetence

From an objective perspective, Freeland has demonstrated total incompetence in her role as finance minister.

She oversaw the biggest deficits in Canadian history, and her ‘inflation fighting’ plan is based on higher spending which will result in higher inflation.

Freeland and the Liberals have only one answer to everything, and that answer is to take your money and spend more of it.

We are feeling the disastrous consequences of Freeland & Trudeau’s incompetence, as life gets more and more expensive, our money is taken away from us by a greedy government, and our productivity falls further behind our peers.

Canada’s economy is in the process of being wrecked by the Liberal government, and they are so arrogant and out-of-touch that they’re actually bragging about it as if it’s an accomplishment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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