Patrick Brown Loses Campaign Manager

Brown has previously lost caucus endorsements and his campaign co-chair.

Patrick Brown’s campaign strategy, which has mostly consisted of launching Trudeau-style attacks against Pierre Poilievre, continues to generate ‘interesting’ results.

Those results largely being the loss of his caucus support (what little there was to begin with), and the upper echelon of his campaign organization.

Brown started with four members of the CPC caucus endorsing him.

That was cut in half when two of those MPs switched to the Poilievre campaign.

Then, Brown lost his national campaign co-chair when Michelle Rempel Garner stepped away from the campaign to consider a run for Alberta UCP leader.

And now, Brown has lost his campaign manager.

Sean Schnell has left the Brown campaign to go help Rempel Garner.

Schnell had previously worked for Rempel Garner’s office.

Using Trudeau-style rhetoric to demonize the most popular CPC candidate hasn’t worked for Brown

Patrick Brown has tried to demonize Poilievre using the same far-left, ‘woke’ talking points that Justin Trudeau uses.

His campaign has tried to insinuate that Poilievre is ‘racist,’ and ‘far-right,’ while largely giving Trudeau a free pass.

Additionally, the Brown campaign seemingly tried to conflate the CPC’s criticism of Communist China with criticism of Chinese-Canadians, the same kind of argument that Communist-China apologists use to distract from the actions of the ruthless totalitarian state.

So, with all of that in mind, it’s no surprise that the Brown campaign has lost endorsements and top staff.

And, on top of all of that, there are the allegations – unproven at this point – of Brown using Brampton city staff to work on his campaign.

Too similar to Trudeau

The fact is that Brown seems too much like Trudeau for most Conservatives.

His attempts to divide Canadians along cultural lines, making unhinged accusations of ‘racism’, calling all opponents ‘far-right,’ and buying into the leftist ‘woke’ mindset are all things that Justin Trudeau is already doing, so why would Conservatives want that in a leader of their party?

Spencer Fernando

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