Jagmeet Singh Criticizes Liberals On Inflation, Again Forgetting That He’s Keeping Them In Power

Who is advising him to keep putting out messages that highlight his ignorant complicity in the damage Trudeau is doing to the country?

Does Jagmeet Singh realize what is being Tweeted from his account?

Does he Tweet it himself?

Does he approve the Tweets?

Does it happen completely without his knowledge?

Is he being poorly advised?

The reason I ask these questions is that the content from Singh’s Twitter account gives off the impression that he is still completely unaware he made a deal to keep the Trudeau Liberals in power until 2025.

Criticizing the Liberals on inflation?

In a recent Tweet, Singh continues to criticize the Liberals on inflation:

“While the price of goods grow at alarming rates – wages have only increased by 3.9 per cent

The Liberal govt has failed to support everyday Cdns with immediate action

Yet, it continues to help billionaires get even richer as they avoid paying their taxes

It’s shameful”

Singh is right that the Liberal record on inflation is indeed “shameful.”

And it is absolutely true that wage increases are falling far short of the rise in inflation.

But there are two problems with Singh making these comments.

The first is that he has zero credibility criticizing the Liberals since he is keeping them in power, and is thus complicit in the damage being done to our country.

The second is that his ‘fix’ for inflation is to print more money and give $1000 to Canadians, which would only make inflation worse.

What does Singh think he is doing?

Singh continues to perpetuate one of the strangest phenomena’s in Canadian politics. He is the one who decided to sell out the soul of the NDP to keep the Trudeau Liberals in power.

By doing so, he gave the Liberals the security to continue their damaging agenda without fear of accountability or an election.

Thus, we can clearly see that Singh is fully complicit in the Liberal agenda.

He is part of it.

So, for him to criticize the Liberals is both deeply ignorant and tone-deaf.

Singh can’t have it both ways

Jagmeet Singh can’t pretend to be in the Opposition anymore.

When he made his deal to prop up the Trudeau Liberals, he forfeited his ability to criticize them with any credibility.

Singh owns the damage the Liberals are doing to Canada.

With inflation surging and Canadians being robbed of our purchasing power, Singh and Trudeau are both responsible for the ongoing assault on the financial freedom of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando


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