In Scathing Statement, Five Brampton City Councillors Rip Patrick Brown, Saying “His Scandalous Time Inside Brampton City Hall Also Needs To End”

After alienating Conservatives by pushing a Trudeau-style message, Brown is alienating his Brampton City Hall colleagues as well.

Hours after being disqualified from the CPC leadership race, the Brampton mayor is under siege in his home turf.

In a scathing letter, five Brampton City Councillors – including two deputy mayors – said Brown’s time at Brampton City hall needs to end.

Here’s part of their statement:

“Once again, our great city is in the national news for all the wrong reasons because of Patrick Brown.” 

“While the Conservative Party of Canada was investigating serious allegations of election fraud that led to his disqualification, a majority group of Brampton Councillors initiated forensic investigations into allegations of financial irregularities, nepotism and possible backroom contract irregularities under Patrick Brown’s failed leadership.”

“The CPC took a bold step after conducting its own investigations of Patrick Brown.”

“He didn’t get away with these tactics in his Conservative leadership bid and he shouldn’t get away with them in Brampton either.”

The full letter can be viewed below:


Alienating everyone

During his time in the CPC leadership race, Patrick Brown managed to alienate vast swathes of Conservatives.

Rather than promoting Conservative beliefs like small government and individual freedom, Brown chose to launch divisive, Trudeau-style attacks against Pierre Poilievre.

Brown was glad to use the establishment press to push the same kind of unhinged, overly-emotional fear-mongering that Trudeau uses, and his campaign often seemed to be trying to smear Poilievre and his supporters as ‘racists.’

That approach had backfired, with Brown massively trailing Poilievre in every poll, and selling far fewer memberships.

Brown had also been hinting that he would run for Brampton mayor after all, saying he would leave the race if he thought Poilievre was going to win.

But now, that decision has been made for him.

However, if Brown thought he could easily go back to Brampton and run again, it is now clear he is going to face massive resistance.

Many of his own colleagues seem completely appalled at how he is running things, as you can see in the letter above.

So, while this is a terrible day for Patrick Brown, it’s a good day for all Canadians who believe in accountability and who reject Trudeau-style politics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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