VIDEO: CPC President Says Allegations Against Patrick Brown Campaign Came From Within The Brown Campaign Itself


Following his disqualification, the Patrick Brown campaign has attempted to blame the Poilievre campaign for what took place, claiming that Poilievre and the CPC establishment were ‘worried’ about Brown’s ‘progressive’ policies.

For now, we’ll ignore how absurd it is that Brown tried to campaign on Trudeau-style ‘progressivism’ within a Conservative Party, and we’ll ignore the fact that Poilievre had sold way more memberships.

No, what really makes the Brown campaign’s claims so laughable is that it would appear the allegations against the Brown campaign came from within.

In an interview, CPC President Rob Batherson said the allegations against the Brown campaign came from the Brown campaign itself:


This is merely the latest blow in what has been a devastating 24 hours for the Brown campaign.

First, Brown was disqualified from the race.

Then, five Brampton city councillors ripped him in a scathing letter.

And now, it turns out that the allegations against Brown came from within his own campaign.

Thus, Brown can’t blame Pierre Poilievre or the CPC for this.

Instead, there is every indication that someone – or perhaps a group of people – within the Brown campaign couldn’t stomach what was taking place, and felt compelled to go to the CPC and reveal what they knew.


There you have it straight from the mouth of Party President @rbatherson.

The allegations against Patrick Brown DID NOT come from Team Poilievre, in fact, they came from inside Mr. Brown’s campaign itself. #cdnpoli”

And, based upon that, the CPC decided to disqualify Brown from the race.

A fitting coda to the Brown campaign

Patrick Brown’s campaign was defined by relentless attacks against Pierre Poilievre that repeatedly fell flat and backfired.

So, it’s perhaps fitting that it comes to an end with his campaign flailing around attacking the Poilievre campaign when the allegations came from within.

Brown’s campaign thus ends as it began: With Conservatives rejecting his attacks on the frontrunner and rejecting his Trudeau-style divisiveness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter (credit Leroy G Jethro)


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