As The Liberal Media Continues To Do Trudeau’s Bidding, The Poilievre Campaign Is Fighting Back

Rather than giving in to the narratives of the pro-Trudeau establishment press, the Poilievre campaign has the strength to push back. This is a key reason Poilievre is the frontrunner, as Canadian Conservatives are tired of the media giving Trudeau a free pass and spending their time going after the Opposition.

The establishment media continues to demonstrate that it is now nothing more than a mouthpiece for Justin Trudeau.

Amid massive Liberal scandals, relentless attacks on our freedoms, and an economy that is falling apart, the establishment press is focused on trying to destroy Pierre Poilievre and demonizing the millions of Canadians who supported the Freedom Convoy.

This is exactly what Trudeau wants.

Notice how the more the Trudeau Liberals attack our freedoms and the more their economic policies are revealed as disastrous, the more the establishment press tries to divert attention away and attack the Opposition.

At one time, the media had credibility, because they understood that their job was to hold the powerful accountable.

And since nobody holds more power than the centralized federal government, the media had an adversarial relationship with the government.

But now, that has all changed.

The establishment press now acts like a mere extension of the government propaganda apparatus, and Global News’ latest attack on Pierre Poilievre is a case in point.

Rather than hold Trudeau accountable, Global News is acting like the government press office.

To that end, here are the questions the ‘journalist’ asked:

“Does Mr. Poilievre feel he has a responsibility to distance himself from movements that call for actions that violate Canadian law and the principles of our democracy?”

“Does he have concerns that his support of figures like Topp, and his silence when Topp’s ties to figures like Mackenzie are revealed, could be interpreted as endorsing such far-right views?”

“How does he respond to those criticizing his silence in relation to these far right figureheads?

Does Mr. Poilievre condemn white supremacy and comments from Jeremy Mackenzie, including that he’d like to watch gallows on Parliament Hill?”

Even the most ignorant person on Earth could see that those questions were the setup for a hitjob.

Fighting back


However, unlike in the past, those who the establishment press attacks are no longer giving in.

Instead, the Poilievre campaign is fighting back:

“No wonder trust in the media is at an all-time low.

One of Global News’ so-called journalists decided to smear me & thousands of other Canadians because we criticized the federal government’s unscientific & discriminatory vaccine mandates.

My campaign’s response to this attack.”

An image of the full letter is below:


Doing Trudeau’s bidding

We’ve repeatedly discussed how the establishment media is doing Trudeau’s bidding, and we can once again see how true that is in the Global News attacks on Poilievre.

Despite the fact that he’s repeatedly denounced racism and white supremacy, Global just keeps on pushing the narrative anyway.

The reason they’re doing this is incredibly cynical, as they know that even when Poilievre denounces racism, a segment of the population will see him as racist if they keep bring up ‘white supremacy’ and ‘racism’ in connection with him.

At this point, there is no way around this basic fact:

In order to defeat Justin Trudeau, the Conservatives will have to not only fight against the Liberals, but also against the establishment press. And, all of us who value freedom will need to be willing to push back and speak out against the lies of the media at every chance we get.

The establishment press may have decided to abandon their sense of ethics, but we can take up that mantle and do everything possible to hold the government accountable.

Spencer Fernando

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