Poll: Poilievre Continues To Dominate CPC Leadership Race

Jean Charest trails by a massive margin.

CPC frontrunner Pierre Poilievre held another massive rally, with over 1,000 people in attendance.

Poilievre has been the only CPC candidate to attract crowds of this size.

And, while the Liberal media & the Charest/Brown campaign have tried to dismiss it, those crowds demonstrate something tangible and real.

Now, a new survey shows that Poilievre continues to be the overwhelming choice of CPC voters:

Among CPC supporters, 48% say they believe Poilievre is the best choice for CPC leader.

A mere 14% say the same about Charest.

As the survey was taken before the disqualification of Patrick Brown, he was still included.

Brown garnered just 4% support.

Leslyn Lewis garnered 3% support, while Roman Baber and Scott Aitchison each had 1%.

26% declared themselves undecided.

Poilievre’s support has grown amid far-left media attacks

The Charest campaign, Brown campaign, and the far-left establishment press have all been obsessively trying to destroy Pierre Poilievre.

They have launched unhinged attacks against him, trying to portray him as an extremist.

In doing so, they have not only tried to ruin Poilievre, but they have shown their contempt for the Conservative base.

Unsurprisingly, that elitist arrogance has backfired.

In the last Leger leadership race poll, Poilievre had 44% support.

Now, he’s at 48%.

This demonstrates the fundamental way in which Charest/Brown/Media have all failed to understand the Conservative base.

As Trudeau assaults freedom in every way possible, Conservatives aren’t looking for a slight change from the Trudeau agenda.

They want a total repudiation of it.

They want a complete rejection of it.

They want it reversed.

Half-measures and small tweaks aren’t going to do it.

Further, Conservatives have accurately recognized the undeniable truth that the establishment press now serves the Trudeau government.

As a result, they don’t trust anything the establishment media says, because the establishment media has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted.

So, the more the establishment media goes after Poilievre, and the more the Charest/Brown – now just the Charest campaign – goes after Poilievre with the same left-wing messaging, the more support Poilievre will get from core Conservatives.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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