At Trudeau Event, Authoritarian Liberals Threaten To Have Police Evict People For ‘Shouting Questions’

The more unpopular Trudeau becomes, the more authoritarian the Liberals act. They would rather use government power against their critics than listen to the voices of Canadians.

We have often witnessed how the Liberals are becoming more and more authoritarian.

As Trudeau becomes less and less popular, the Liberals have responded as authoritarians usually do when confronted with a populace turning against them: They use and abuse government power to an even greater extent.

Since demonizing unvaccinated Canadians and using horrendously divisive rhetoric to divide the country in the 2021 election, Trudeau has been subject to protests everywhere he goes.

This is what should be expected in a nation that is still somewhat democratic: A leader who tries to impose authoritarian thinking and who demonizes people will face a strong reaction from those who oppose his hateful and dangerous agenda.

True leaders recognize when they have erred and gone too far, and will start to listen to those they once maligned. With that kind of admission of error and willingness to hear other perspectives, a leader can help walk a country back from the brink of relentless division.

But Trudeau doesn’t have that in him.

He thinks he’s better than you.

If you disagree with him, if you don’t share his authoritarian big-government worldview, he hates you, and he’s willing to use government power to punish and impoverish you.

So, he doubles down time and time again, and that means the protests against him will just keep on going.

True assault on the independence of the media

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have followed another aspect of the authoritarian playbook:

Buying off the media.

Much of the media is now an extension of government propaganda, willing to do what Trudeau says and willing to spread the narrative the Liberals want spread.

And, where there are exceptions, the Liberals have resorted to assaulting what remains of media independence:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer listening tour’s stop in the Okanagan was as silent as advertised Tuesday.

He toured a Boys and Girls Club, a packinghouse, and a fruit stand with reporters invited to take pictures and videos but forbidden in advance to ask any questions. Any shouted queries would result in police-assisted eviction from the various premises, handlers told the media.”

Will the establishment press condemn this?

Using the power of the police to evict anyone who shouts a question?

That’s a true attack on the media.

Notice how the media accused Pierre Poilievre of ‘attacking the press’ when he merely defended himself from a hit-piece.

By contrast, threatening to sic the cops on those who ask questions is a real attack on the media, and one that everyone should be condemning.

The undeniable truth is that the Liberals are becoming more and more authoritarian as Canadians turn against them, and we can expect to see continued escalating attacks on freedom in this country by the dangerous and Liberal government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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