WHO Appoints Communist Party Member To High-Profile Position

Why are we letting Communists – adherents to an ideology that murdered tens of millions of people – dictate policy in supposedly democratic countries?

I often speak about how Communism – the most murderous ideology in human history – has been rebranded.

The same policy goals of the Communists are being imposed:

The destruction of private enterprise.

The elimination of the free press, subsuming it into state propaganda.

The suppression of dissent.

The denial of private property.

Total state control.

The destruction of everything beautiful and creative.

A denigration of success, achievement, and health.

Replacing traditional forms of worship with the sole worship of state power.

Redistribution of wealth from makers to takers around the world.

Often, this is happening in plain sight.

The Communists are so arrogant and so emboldened that they increasingly aren’t even bothering to hide anymore:

“A 40-year member of the Communist Party of Britain – Susan Michie – has just been appointed Chair of WHO’s Technical Advisory Group for Behavioural Insights and Science for Health:”

As Alex Brown of the National Citizens Coalition put it, this shows the true nature of the Covid policies we’ve had imposed on us:

┳┻| This has always been
┻┳| the lazily painted over
┳┻| _ ‘re-skin’ of communism.
┻┳| •.•) Our worst boot-licking
┳┻|⊂ノ reporters cheering for
┻┳| restrictions gave that away.

The Communist Michie wants covid restrictions to last FOREVER:

And of course she does, since Communists want to take your money, and take your freedom, and never give it back as long as you live. And they’ll gladly take your life if it serves their interests.

The world’s most murderous ideology

Everywhere it is imposed, Communism leads to mass death.

Human agency and creativity are crushed.

People flee to freer places.

Indeed, Communism has proven to be the world’s biggest death cult.

Sadly, some flaw in the human psyche leads some people to continue adhering to the horrific ideology.

People can believe what they want, but the fact that those individuals are able to gain positions of power demonstrates the immense failure of our society to effectively keep Communists out of important roles.

After all, Michie even supported the confining of children, an absolutely horrific practice:

“Here she is not just praising China’s approach throughout the past 16 months, but calling it “exemplary” when talking about the confinement of children.

She regularly appears on BBC, ITV, Sky News, Channel 4, and just about every other mainstream outlet you can think of.”

Many are fooled by the words of Communism, while ignoring the deeds.

This means that allowing Communists to hold power could put us on the path to the same horrific violence and suffering we witnessed in the 20th century.

It is perhaps the biggest danger facing the quasi-free nations of the world today: The way in which Communists have wormed their way into powerful roles and are imposing their ideology upon an unwilling and unsuspecting populace.

But now, with the Communists growing more and more arrogant, nobody can be ‘unsuspecting’ any longer.

Their agenda is obvious, and it’s up to all freedom-loving people to stop them and ensure that Communism is not allowed to continue holding power over our country and Western Civilization.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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