Canada Deserves A Government That Prioritizes The Success Of Our Nation

When was the last time the Liberals did something that actually enriched and benefitted Canada?

I want you to take a moment and think about the last time the Trudeau Liberals did something that was designed to benefit and enrich Canada.

If we’re anything alike, we probably are still drawing a blank on that one.

And the realization that the Liberals don’t act in the interests of Canada demonstrates how completely twisted around things have become.

Indeed, the basic reason we have a government is to try and maximize the best interests of our country, by defending our rights, ensuring a strong national defense, and growing the economy.

A government that doesn’t do those things, or that actively does the opposite, has no business governing at all.

Amazingly, this has become almost a quaint concept.

As governments around the Western world give in to Neo-Communist ideology and seek to serve supranational institutions above the interests of their own Citizens, we are increasingly subjected to policies that are deliberately designed to weaken our nation and which run counter to our national interests.

Look at the attacks on the energy sector and now the farming sector.

Any self-respecting country would seek to maximize energy production and maximize food production. Canada is doing the opposite.

The more energy we can produce the more we can profit from selling it to other countries, and the more secure our own domestic supply is, helping to ensure lower energy costs.

I don’t even need to explain why more food production and low food prices are important.

Yet, we have a government that is seeking to weaken both sectors.

When it comes to our national defense, our military has been underfunded for decades. We only hear about it when there is some scandal, and the government endlessly downplays Canada’s great military victories.

How often do we hear about the fact that we built up a powerful military force in World War Two that was instrumental in defeating fascism, and latter deterring communism?

How often do we hear about the fact that our country was able to build vast quantities of equipment including planes and weapons to arm both ourselves and our allies?

And how often do we hear about the fact that being military powerful was once a core aspect of Canadian identity and history?

Losing the survival instinct

The most disturbing aspect to all of this is that Canada appears to be bereft of a survival instinct.

A moribund national defense, a deliberate destruction of our core industries, and the shame-based narrative about our history and founding, are all trending towards the dissolution of the country.

History shows that those who lack a survival instinct will be overcome by those who have it. The world is still a brutal, ruthless, and competitive place.

As a land of vast space and abundant resources, Canada will not long be able to languish and fall behind.

Either we will make use of what we have, or others will.

And unless we smarten up and have a government that puts a paramount focus on our national interests and the good our country, it’s looking increasingly likely that others will be the ones who benefit, not us.

Spencer Fernando


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