It’s Time For The CPC To Rally Around Pierre Poilievre

Poilievre is the unity candidate, as has been the case all the way through the CPC leadership race. Stephen Harper’s endorsement further confirms that fact.

Following Stephen Harper’s endorsement of Pierre Poilievre, it is now long past time for the CPC to rally around the frontrunner.

Poilievre has always been the unity candidate

Despite the best efforts of the now-defunct Patrick Brown campaign and the Jean Charest campaign to convince people otherwise, Pierre Poilievre has been the unity candidate since the beginning of the CPC leadership race.

As Ben Woodfinden said on Twitter, Poilievre is “very much the choice of the party…”

“Huge endorsement obviously, and a very good reminder of the point some of us have been making throughout this race. Poilievre is not some outsider hijacking the party, he’s very much the choice of the party and it will be official in a few weeks.”

While the Charest campaign has attempted to claim the mantle of ‘unity,’ their idea of unity has always been based on a strange and illogical framing:

First, they claim that Poilievre is ‘divisive.’

Then, they claim that anyone who supports Poilievre is ‘divisive.’

Thus, their opponents are ‘divisive,’ and can be discounted.

As a result, those who support Charest are the opposite of ‘divisive’, making Charest the candidate of ‘unity.’

Of course, that is all completely absurd. The only way Charest’s ‘unity’ message could possibly make sense is if you first divide the party and exclude anyone who opposes Charest.

That may be a lot things, but ‘unity’ isn’t one of them.

Charest has had little choice but to make such an outrageous case because he simply hasn’t resonated with Conservatives the way Poilievre has.

Every poll – with zero exceptions – has shown Poilievre to be more popular among CPC voters than Charest. Those polls have also shown that Charest has higher negative ratings among Conservatives than Poilievre.

Stephen Harper’s endorsement is simply the latest example of how Poilievre is the unity candidate within the party. Harper remains widely respected within the CPC, and is becoming more and more respected throughout Canada as his time in office (particularly his economic management) looks better and better compared to the disastrous ‘governance’ of the Trudeau Liberals.

And remember, Poilievre has also been endorsed by more than half of all currently elected CPC MPs. Poilievre has managed a very rare feat in politics, winning the support of many of his colleagues while also bringing countless new supporters into the fold on a campaign based on shaking up the establishment.

The Charest campaign should stop launching Trudeau-style attacks – which will only help the Liberals – and accept that continuing to divide the party is a serious mistake.

It is clearly time for the CPC to rally around Poilievre and shift their focus to defeating the Trudeau Liberals.

Spencer Fernando


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