The Sectors The Liberals Want To Ruin Are Keeping Canada’s Economy Alive

As always, the government needs productive Citizens to pay for the agenda that hurts those same Citizens.

Canada’s economy is in a moribund state.

Inflation is surging out of control, meaning that any supposed ‘growth’ taking place is being overridden by the fact that people can’t keep up with rising prices.

Even as the economy ‘expands’, everyone gets poorer and poorer with each passing day.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to note this paragraph from a recent BNN Bloomberg article:

“While the global economy has been hit hard by rising energy costs, Canada has benefited from elevated oil, grain and natural gas prices. The strong first half pace also reflects reopening effects earlier this year, after strict COVID-related lockdowns last winter.”

So, when the Liberals attempt to tout economic numbers, they are being incredibly dishonest.

Draconian long-term lockdowns meant we started from a lower floor.

And the very sectors that are keeping the moribund economy afloat are the sectors the Liberals are seeking to ruin.

“Elevated oil, grain and natural gas prices.”

What a coincidence that all of those sectors are under attack by the Liberals.

The Liberal Neo-Communists are using the productivity of our Citizens in order to stay in power long enough to impose policies that will crush the financial independence and dreams of those very same Citizens.

We have long witnessed the Liberals anti-energy sector policies, policies that have made energy more and more expensive for Canadians while hindering our ability to get our products to market.

We could be benefitting so much more from higher energy prices around the world, but because of the Liberals the benefit has been hindered. Further, the fact that we failed to develop our energy sector more because of Liberal policies means that Canadians are increasingly dependent on foreign sources of energy.

And of course, there’s the fact that Canada’s farmers are now facing an assault by the Liberal government, an assault which will result in less grain production and higher food prices, not to mention the potential for unrest:

“The government is proposing to cut emissions from fertilizer 30 per cent by 2030 as part of a plan to get to net zero in the next three decades. But growers are saying that to achieve that, they may have to shrink grain output significantly at a time when the world is scrambling for more supplies.

Also at stake is the estimated $10.4 billion that farmers could lose this decade from the reduced output.”

“Production losses could be significant, according to an analysis commissioned by Fertilizer Canada. Canada could lose over 160 million metric tons of canola, corn and spring wheat between 2023 and 2030 due to the plan, according to the report. That’s nearly double Canada’s expected grain production this season.”

So, take a moment to think of how bad Canada’s economy is right now, and then imagine how bad it would be without the sectors keeping it afloat.

That’s the future the Liberals want for us.

A future where Canada is economically crippled, where prices soar out of control, Canadians are poor, desperate, and dependent on the state, and where our once proud and independent nation is entirely dependent on foreign countries and unaccountable, undemocratic supra-national institutions.

That nightmare vision is what will come to pass if the Liberals retain power.

Spencer Fernando


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