SCRAP THE APP: Marco Mendicino Demolished On Twitter As He Tries Promoting The Hated ArriveCAN App

The Liberal government doesn’t get it. Anything less than a total scrapping of the app is unacceptable.

With Canadians across the country expressing their intense hatred for the ArriveCAN app, the Liberal government continues to try and force it on people.

The airports are a disaster, the tourism sector is under siege, and Canada is an increasingly authoritarian outlier, yet the Liberals refuse to scrap it.

But if the Liberals had deluded themselves into thinking Canadians approved of it, the response to Marco Mendicino’s latest Tweet on the app would disabuse them of that notion.

Just take a look at the bottom of this photo, where there are over 1,000 comments and just 112 retweets:

Marco Mendicino Ratioed

That’s what we call “getting ratioed,” when there are far more comments than likes/retweets.

It demonstrates an extremely negative reaction to a Tweet.

Mendicino is trying to spin a ‘new’ feature in the app, rather than scrapping it.

And of course, it’s only available at one airport that happens to be named after a Trudeau.

Canadians didn’t hold back, letting Mendicino know how they feel about it:


Available at a single airport?

Why would a federal app that is currently mandatory & strictly limited to the Quarantine Act be “updated” to voluntarily allow for Customs declaration – which has zero to do with vaccinations or quarantine plans?”

Hockey player Marc Methot had a great sarcastic response to Mendicino:

“Thank you for this. Nothing makes me feel safer than knowing I have ArriveCAN on my phone. I even go beyond that and fill it out before entering public spaces like grocery stores and malls.”

“You’ve *always* been able to do this up to 72 hours before you arrive. This is absolutely nothing new and the way they’re trying to laud it as something new would make even Stalin proud.”

“Time will tell if you’re just spreading more disinfo to cover for the sins of dear leader and the PMO.

Canadians are telling you that you’re full of sh*t, Marco. Just once, you should listen.

Scrap the app.”

“No one wants it. Get rid of it. Start listening to Canadians.”

“And allows the government access to your phone whenever they want.

Oops, sorry. I meant to say only during “emergencies”.

That they can’t justify.

Or defend with facts.”

“Wow, that’s amazing! But just imagine how much time you could cut if you just got rid of the damn thing altogether?”

“As predicted.

Create unnecessary and unreasonable (illegal) delays,
then claim a digital pass will speed up the process.

they are listening to hard working Canadian’s and are here, working hard, for you!”

“The kiosks at the airport take like 30 seconds to use. Just ditch the app.”

“The ArriveCan app makes it ‘quicker and easier’ for the govt to have access to your personal information.

Most importantly, it is an invasion of privacy and allows the govt to keep track of you.

ArriveCan needs to end now.”

Mendicino can put out all the BS government propaganda he wants, but Canadians are being completely clear on this:


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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